2 Carat Diamond Tiffany e-ring or full gold rolex watch? What would you do?

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Which would you choose?

  1. Full gold rolex watch

  2. Tiffany 2ct diamond e-ring

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  1. Ok....no problem! :smile:

    Here's what you have to think about..........which one would give you the most pleasure on an everyday basis?

    I personally could live w/o a watch because I :love: my rings (e-ring, anni, etc) So I would go for the ring!

    I'll tell you this......if you're really undecided and your heart is calling out after BOTH of these items, I would look for a way of getting them ;)
  2. I guess I could aim for 10,000 on the ring and 10,000 on the watch. That's still enough for a whole 1 carat tiffany ring according to the website.
    I would have a smaller diamond and a different rolex but it would still have the same effect.
    Do you know if rolex makes any 10,000 GBP or less full gold watches ?

    I'd still have to save up for a long time, but could get them quicker than the other way

  3. I'd never purchase Rolex at a brand name store. I'd deal directly with a reputable jeweller if you have one to see if they can source it for you. This way you can have the watch of your dreams at an affordable price.....perhaps even in the price range you're looking at....or slightly over

    I'm not 100%, and someone here would have to weigh in on whether you could get a 1ct at Tiffany for approx $10 K
  4. No way to get full gold Rolex under $10k USD.
  5. I meant £10,000 GBP
    On ebay they are selling them at under 10,000 USD
    I guess they are fake? lol
  6. or used or grey market which means Rolex won't service them, etc. . .
    You can probably get a used one under or at $10k, sorry we use USD here usually.
  7. i think i'd personally prefer with a piece like that to buy it from a brand name store and pay the extra even if it takes longer
    , i would also much prefer it to be new ofcourse .
    if it's definitly authentic i would consider a used one in good condition.... maybe not sure what the catch is with that though
  8. Me too, that's why I was saying you can't get one at that price. You can get a base model stainless for sure or one w/ diamond markers - but not full gold.
  9. If it were me, I would have my boyfriend save up for the diamond ring and I would save up for the Rolex.
  10. i would prefer the full gold ...
    however i do like the stainless ones too... my only concern is im allergic to cheap metals on jewellery i dont know why . would the stainless steel watches turn orange and my skin green? . its the only reason why i wouldnt buy one
    this is my main concern

  11. You should maybe go to a few Rolex authorized retailers and find out how much they actually cost from a real authorized seller. Ebay is not the ideal situation for a Rolex, esp since you don't know what the real story on the item is.

    Go to a few local retailers and SEE what grabs you, and then decide if you will be able to save such funds to buy them in a reasonable time frame. These items you are wanting are EXTREMELY expensive, and I don't get the feeling you are realistic about the costs of such things or how long it might actually take you to obtain either.
  12. :yes:
    These are really not the kinds of buys you can fully research online.
  13. I agree, I don't think I'm being realistic either
    I think I may have not realized just how much they really are and how long it will take
    I just see all the lovely rings/watches here and think that if everyone else an afford them, I should be able to ... I guess it's a bit silly
    In my head I was thinking a few years for the ring, and another few for the rolex ... so I can still buy other things I love but I think this is still impossible.

  14. Yeah I began to notice this eventually it sunk in
    It's why i came for advice here, but i guess the true answer is what most are saying... go to the store, try it on and see what feels right to me

  15. "Everyone" can't afford it though. . . heck most people can't.
    You're asking about pieces that very wealthy celebs have, not "most" of us. Gotta keep the perspective ;)
    I'm not sure of your age, but most 20 or 30 somethings aren't wearing 4crt+ diamonds and full gold Rolex's.
    And for those who are, you have no idea how they acquired them - gifts, inherit, lots of savings . . .

    Don't let yourself get caught up :smile: