2 Carat Diamond Tiffany e-ring or full gold rolex watch? What would you do?

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Which would you choose?

  1. Full gold rolex watch

  2. Tiffany 2ct diamond e-ring

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. The e-ring first. Rolex just went through another price hike (as of Oct 15) so you should be safe to rebuild funds for the rolex. Not sure which would retain more value, probably the e-ring would. Either way good luck and post pics when you do decide! =)
  2. Yes it is quite a good size guide:smile:
  3. Tiffany Ring :yes:
  4. This is getting really repetitive :-s

    If your heart isn't set on Tiffanys, we've already explained to you in depth that you WILL be paying a big premium for it... Why are you considering Tiffanys if your heart isn't set on it and you want the biggest stone for your $?
  5. sorry for the confusion but this thread is asking which to go for between a tiffany ring or rolex... not the type of ring. that just ended up being discussed sorry for that going off topic
    i don't want the biggest stone, the sparkliest is important to me. :biggrin:
    either way whichever brand it is the stone would be whichever size i felt was right. i won't be getting an extra massive one elsewhere if i don't go with tiffanys .
    initially i had my heart set on avril's cartier ring. however i realise it's far too expensive (im new to diamons i had no idea about carat and price) and not necessarily cartier anyway
    i know that with tiffany you pay more for the name ofcourse
    mostly i was just enquiring and asking opinions, i just need to know i'm making the right decision
    my heart, depending on price being realistic. would be set on a tiffany solitair and the cartier band avril has if it's possible to have her band if not then i don't know
    it's in my eyes not repetitive as i'm asking very different questions. but i'm sorry if you feel that way, i thought it was ok to ask questions like this
    to me this would be a major purchase which i will keep my whole life and wear all the time. i need to ask alot of questions as i'm clueless i really am

  6. It's ok :yes: I was just observing... It feels like we're answering the same thing.
  7. I'm not a branded diamond fan because of the high markup, so I'd go for the Rolex and then get a non-branded diamond. You'll get a lot more for your money.
  8. I have to say that I feel the same as Swanky.

    You've started a thread about the E-ring where you received loads of advice and now, you're not certain if you want an E-ring. :huh:

    Frankly, I don't know where you're coming from. The ring thread was confusing & this one is not making any sense if you've read your previous thread.

    Bottom line, I don't see what a Rolex, or any other watch for that matter has to do with an engagement ring at all.
  9. I wouldn't buy myself a solitaire ring if I wasn't getting engaged and planning to use that for my engagement ring. I might buy a neat wide band that is intricate with some small diamonds in it, though.

    I would buy a watch right now.
  10. I'm sorry but I personally can't see why it's difficult to understand
    I explained that I'm already engaged. I am looking for a e-ring to go with the wedding ring when we get married. It's not to get enganged. It's something I would like for me.
    I'm trying to decide which to save for first
    I definitly will get both but which first?
    This thread is clearly asking which would you go for first, not avice on the ring
    The watch has nothing to do with the ring, I'm actually confused by your post, I'm simply asking in this thread which would you go for?
    In the other thread I was looking specifically for avril's rings, and asking just for opinions on what others would do
    It's honestly not confusing at all
    I'm sorry if it did confuse you
    One thread is about rings as I'm a newbie to the info on diamonds
    This is just a simple would you go for the watch or ring if you had a choice
    I hope that helps explain things a bit :biggrin:
    I mean it's ok to be undecided and ask for help here isn't it?

  11. i'm already engaged just looking for an e-ring as they are the style i'm looking for... like with avril's set i'd like to wear my plain wedding ring next to the diamond ring and one diamond band too. I love how it looks.

  12. I think it's as within the thread I've talked to members about rings
    Originally this thread was just a simple would you get the rolex or the ring ? I'm sorry to everyone I've confused. I honesntly made these threads as these are really questions I have, I'm not trying to waste anyones time. To me the decision is big and serious :smile:

  13. Of course you can ask for help! I never stated anything to the contrary!

    What's confusing is while you are asking us what WE would do, you've just stated you're asking which one YOU should save for first? So is this about what WE would do? Or what YOU should do?
  14. Sorry I'm not accussing you of saying I can't ask for help
    It just feels a bit like it's annoying everyone that I've asked too much maybe
    I do see you're point
    ... And I realize it doesn't make sense afterall :nuts:
    I knew what I meant to ask when I wrote it...
    what i am trying to do right now is decide between the two
    Rolex watch full gold or the e-ring (tiffany or cartier)
    Nevermind the model/ring brand ... just watch or ring is the decision now
    Mostly I'd just like to know the pros and cons of either , that would really help
    I guess I really went the wrong way about finding out what I need to know
    I'm very sorry to everyone I've confused.