2 Carat Diamond Tiffany e-ring or full gold rolex watch? What would you do?

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Which would you choose?

  1. Full gold rolex watch

  2. Tiffany 2ct diamond e-ring

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  1. Please help me decide
    which would you choose and why?
    also which is likely to be at the same price to buy in a few years or closest to
    which is likely to keep it's value or most of it?
    i would never sell either, as i love to keep things for sentimental value however would like to know this amount of money is going into something worthy
    i'm planning which to save for first :smile:
    ALSO i would be spending about the same on either approx £25,000
    So one is not cheaper than the other so i can't decide by the cost lol
    to me it will be a big deal and a long time of saving
  2. I would go for the engagement ring:smile:
  3. First I have to ask do you have an e-ring and what watches do you currently own?
  4. i have an e-ring from when i was younger with my birthstone. i was looking for a diamond ring to go with the wedding ring when we marry, it's not going to be the wedding ring itself or really an official e-ring as i have one .... but i would love one
    i dont own any watches worth mentioning only cheapy ones im talking my most expensive is a very old 80gbp baby g watch lmao.
    ive only recently within the last year or two grown fond of real jewellery.
  5. i would like to add im only saying about 20,000 gbp for the watch as its what mary-kate's is... i'm open to suggestions of cheaper full gold rolexs if theres any?
  6. In all honesty, Tiffany's rings are at an all time low, and gold is at an all time high. It might make more sense to get the e-ring vs. the watch.
  7. thank you for the advice, i just don't want to invest in a tiffany e-ring for it to retail at thousands less in a few years .... is this even likely to happen
    i dont care about resale value as it wont be sold
    just need peace of mind that moneys well spent

  8. It is at an all-time low because of the economy. When I bought my ring, a 1ct Tiffany classic started at $8700 in February of 2010. Now the ring starts at $9200. A few years ago it started a lot higher.
  9. Have you seen Tiffany's new yellow diamond rings they are GORGEOUS:love:
  10. is it the same here in the UK ? i notice you use dollars
    wasn't sure if that makes much difference :smile:
  11. nope i will look online
    have you seen tiffany diamond rings in person
    do they really sparkle
    all i need is for my ring to really sparkle , im weird i love sparley things lol:biggrin:

  12. i think i may go for a more realistic 1 carat , i just figured 2 carat would take a looooong time
    is 1 carat sparkly and noticeble. i'd just like it to look seeable and pretty, i cant explain
    2 carat might even be too big for what im looking for
  13. I would suggest just going to a store and trying all different rings on and seeing what you like and then go from there. The only way to know is to try them on.
  14. I was lucky a family friend runs a jewellers so i got a 1.10ct princess cut in platinum as my engagement ring, two platinum diamond eternity bands with princess cut stones all the way around, and a Diana Porter platinum wedding ring that has wording around the band and diamonds. 1ct is a good size and as long as you get a good colour and clarity in the diamond it will sparkle like crazy! I did look at Tiffany rings but we decided we could get more for our money at a local jewellers. But do look around and i am sure your find a sparkler!:smile:
  15. WOW sounds like your rings are gorgeous i'd love a similar set someday :biggrin:
    i'm not sure if the name tiffanys means alot to me. how do i know if i doing it for myself or to wow others ... i dont want to realize a few years down the line the name tiffany to me wasnt worth it. its a difficult decision. i will certainly be trying on local jewellers rings they might have my dream ring who knows