2 Bags from the S/S catalog

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  1. I fell in love with lots of bags in the 2008 catalog for Spring/Summer, but settled on these 2:love:. The Chicago store obtained them and sent them on consignment. Definitely keeping the Cement tote (p.22), and maybe the Glacier bag too (p. 29 in the catalog, shown in Oleander pink).

    My photos don't do them justice. The blue, especially, doesn't look as good as it really is--it's a subtle blue.

    Really broke, but really in love with these bags. I swear BV is in my blood:yes:.

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  2. I'm a world class enabler! I love these both! LOVELY!
  3. Ooooh, I love them both too. The cement colour is really winning me over - I thought it would be too light but it looks just dark enough in your picture not to need to be fussed over. And the glacier bag is real purdy too - I saw a bag IRL and wasn't sure if it was glacier or oceano... I originally thought oceano but now I'm thinking it might have been glacier - it was a really beautiful colour. So I'm with BagLovingMom - keep them both!!
  4. They are both beautiful! Gorgeous colors. I have been wanting to see the tote in person myself. I just love the circular designs. They both look like very comfortable bags to wear as well. Congrats!

    I know what you mean about S/S 2008...alot to love. Thanks for the pictures.
  5. Both of them are so gorgeous :nuts: Congrats :yahoo: I am tempted to cheat on Louis now :girlsigh:
  6. Oh so lovely boxermom!! I love them both too~~.

    The cement tote looks so scrumptious and your pic shows the beautiful intreciatto motifs much better than the pic in the catalogue imho. And the glacier purse is like a little lady itself. You always pick really classy pieces!!
  7. boxermom, beautiful choices. Perfect for summer/spring and they look like they'd go with a lot of outfits. Very classy.
  8. I love them Boxermom! The cement tote looks so soft I can feel it through the screen, I just love cervo.... :girlsigh: And the glacier tote is so lady-like, just like Mid said, pure sweetness. I hope you decide to keep both, of course!
  9. Boxermom, I have seen the cement tote IRL and it's a gorgeous bag. Both are perfect for spring / summer. Thumbs up.
  10. :nuts:

    The glacier colour is sooooooo pretty! If you had to keep one, my vote's for the glacier. But keep both!!! Cos you KNOW BV is in your blood :upsidedown:
  11. ohhhhh i love the cement tote!! it's a keeper! hehehe...
  12. boxermum,
    stunning! wow!
  13. Boxermom, two classic styles in two beautiful colors. I hope you keep both of them.
  14. Boxermom, what are the dimensions of the bags? Are they both shoulder friendly?
  15. boxermom, those bags are two wonderful additions to your collection! I just saw the tote a cpl of days ago, and it felt so unbelievably soft!

    Love both of them, but if I had to choose, it be the tote!