1997- 10 years already! Who/What/Where?


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Mar 19, 2007
Barrow, Alaska
So- it's been 10 years since I graduated from high school- wow- 10 years and 10 days to be exact! I can remember May 8 like it was yesterday- but so much has changed since then!

In 1997 I had no clue about purses period! I mean I wouldn't be able to tell you the difference between a Coach or an LV! Today I am filled with quite a bit of knowledge- but not even nearly enough to be able to "authenticate" by myself! haha~

I was about to turn down acceptance to Arizona State University and an internship for our Senator Ted Stevens in Washington DC- I did that for a BF who was a very bad guy and now that I look back- those are two regrets I have.... not the BF- I grew a lot as a person because of that relationship :rolleyes:

I ended up going to our in state University in Anchorage and failed miserably! I focused on friends and didn't want to participate in class! I think I rebelled because in HS I was a straight A student who participated in EVERYTHING! Band President, Honor Society Treasurer, Student Council Rep---- so many other things too.

Anywhoo! I guess this year is called a "hallmark" year because of the 10 year mark I have passed! wow!

Today I am married almost 5 years and we have a 5 year old son- I've lived the military life- my DH was a Marine from 2001 til 2005, he joined before 9/11 and his dream was fulfilled! wow~ who would've guess 9/11! I've gone through 2 deployments~ high five MILITARY WIVES- stay strong women! Y'all are the heart of our armed forces- I pray for you and your families!

So- now I have 3 more semesters until I'm finished with my Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences! I'm going to Medical School probably most likely the Fall of 2009 and want to be an MD! I've wanted to be an MD since I was 5. And I remember that day when somebody asked me what I wanted to be----- :idea: haha~

anywhoo- thanks for reading if you still are! What were you doing in 1997? How old were you? Were you into purses? What kind? How have you evolved since then?


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Jun 1, 2006
Frozen, great reflecting back on a decade!

In 1997 I was 30 (do the math now, ha!), my youngest brother got married right out of college. He graduated the day before my 3-0 so it was very memorable.

I was living in a semi-dumpy 1 bedroom apartment in Seattle. Great view but crappy place. But I was happy in my job at the time and moving forward in my career which would later evolve into IT Project Management.

That same year I moved from Seattle proper to the suburbs...a major milestone for me since I always loved city life. I did this for commute reasons due to an office move, but there was a price to pay.

Now, 10 years later: bought a townhouse in 2002, changed jobs twice...life is SO much better than it was back then. woo hoooo!


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Feb 26, 2007
The North Pole
Let's see, I was still in junior high (8th grade, I think?). I was loving it (I was one of those weird kids who actually liked middle school). I was horse-crazy and spent hours and hours at the stable riding anything and everything I could. I was also boy crazy, haha. I remember dating several guys from a neighboring town (not at the same time! lol) and hung out with my friend from there a lot. I was also going through a time where I had some friends (from my own school) that my mom couldn't stand, and I didn't get along with my parents very well and was a heinous b*&$ch! Luckily I grew out of that when I entered high school.


Jun 18, 2006
HaHa! I graduted in 1997 too!!
I can't believe it's been 10 years. I have had some ups and downs since then, lost some loved ones, gained some new loved ones. I am married and have 200 kids--I am a teacher;). I teach high school and to me it is amazing looking at the difference between teenagers now and when I was one. No cell phones, no I pods, no myspace. Personally, I think we had it better.


Feb 12, 2006
I had graduated high school, too, and was about to leave home for the first time to attend Emory U. in Atlanta, GA. I can't believe what's happened since then- college, grad school, first job, etc. If anyone had told me ten years ago I'd be in NYC today, I would have laughed at them. Life is much better now than it was back then!
Jan 20, 2007
OH MY GOSH!! I graduated that year, too!

Wow...I sorta forgot that this last week was my graduation...crazy!

I went to a two year college in my hometown studying Criminal Justice and minored in Music/Theatre. I also met my husband there. We graduated college together and then moved to where we are currently living now. I knew the month before I graduated that I would not pursue Criminal Justice, so I felt like college was a huge waste of time for me.

I went through a very colorful range of jobs before finding what I now think will be my career. Finally. I work for a huge mortgage company, specializing in servicing mortgage loans.

That is me. Ten years later, I am fatter and happier. I am a Mom of 5 years, a wife of 7 years and looking forward to my high school reunion this year!

Thanks for helping me travel down memory lane!!


Sep 21, 2005
In 1997, I was a 13 year old 8th grade graduate. I had already developed a love for purses at that time and was always carrying Polo, Esprit or Guess purses. I'm now a 23 year old Executive and I love carrying my LV's.


Feb 12, 2006
I went through a very colorful range of jobs before finding what I now think will be my career. Finally. I work for a huge mortgage company, specializing in servicing mortgage loans.

I went through something similar- it's nice to be on the other side of the journey, isn't it?


Sep 29, 2006
10 years ago I was a sophomore in high school! Wow! It doesn't seem like that long ago but at the same time it does!