$1600 limited edition basket

  1. Anyone going to put this one on their wish list??


    It's cute but not for me at that price point.. I hope they sell that bronzer kit though!
  2. ^^ITA. I love the straw totes but for something so seasonal (very short summers here and I don't get to the beach that often) it's just not worth the $$. I'd personally rather pick out my own tote and pick out my own crusher, towel, coin purse, etc without being so matchy-matchy.
  3. ARGH!:nuts:

    Why can't Coach sell these items separately????? I MUST have them!

    Beach Towel, Framed Coin Purse; Coach Patti Sunglasses; Exclusive Bronzer Set in a Fragrance Print Case.
  4. wow so cute, but I would not spend $1600 on Coach.
  5. Oh I just love that framed coin purse!!!!
  6. Yah they really need to sell these items seperate...

  7. We should go in and buy it and split up the pieces!!! I want the Bronzer!!!!

    I want to buy 2 beach towels to make seat covers for my car. It's a convertable with black leather seats and they get SO hot.
    My mom (SO crafty!)did it for me last summer with the scribble towel but they had brown C's on them and I want the PINK!!!! Sooo cute!!!
  8. HM...I like this limited edition straw basket better.
  9. I love it. I so want the bronzer, they should sell the everything seperate.
  10. i said it in another thread, but i'll say it again. LOVE the bronzer!

    and i love the towel idea for seat covers. i drive a convertible too, and i may have to get a little crafty!
  11. It wasn't really that complicated. She really just sewed some 1 inch (maybe 1 1/2 inch) grosgrain ribbon along one of the ends which tied behind my headrest and 2 longer pieces on the sides that tied behind the seats.

    I think she took pictures of it so I'll ask if she has them on her computer somewhere. I would take pix but she got a new car for Christmas and stole them to use in her car since they matched hers better. Hence, I need the pink ones!
  12. ^^ I want pics :p
  13. how come I can't seet this?

  14. its cute but i dont know if it really worth that kinda money ya know
  15. i just want the sunglasses!