$100,000 Hermes on ebay!! OMG!!!

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  1. Whoa! That's nuts.
    The seller's other purses are expensive too..buy it now at $30,000??
    Im not a Hermes guru, but that seems a little expensive, no?
  2. It's a pretty bag, but wow! That's a small house where I live.
  3. That's just ridiculous.
  4. It's about double the retail price.

    Will be interesting to see if anyone buys it.

    Fabulous colour though.
  5. At least there is free shipping :P
  6. Wow! I'm not too familiar w/birkins, didn't realize it came in so many pretty colors...still, so pricey!
  7. Remember 25% cash back with live.com:wtf:

  8. think of how much you can save with cash back:P
  9. Yeah that made me LOL.
  10. Crazy just crazy! WOW
  11. love the rose color, but I just dont think any bag is worth, 100,000. My house did not cost that much.
  12. Love the color but not the price:Push:
  13. oh wow pretty bag.. and pretty expensive also
  14. great WOW stunning bag, UNREAL price :blah: