03 PH Black First! *pictures*

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  1. presenting my new SS03 palladium hardware black first! i told myself no more no more and after this beauty, i'm really done!
    i'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves! speak thanks to my lovely friends, A and V for helping me find it! :hugs:

    the bag arrived beautifully packaged and in like new condition!! :yahoo:

    you can get an idea of how long the strap is here.

    thanks to N for helping me find this scarf!

    with my bluefly loub finds!


    my new trusty sidekick following me on holiday in mexico. i'm 5'9 and still able to wear this beauty cross body.

    will post more comparison photos tomorrow!
  2. WOW!! You lucky girl! Congrats - she's stunning!
  3. ooh your first is gorgeous. that leather. *swoon*

    love the scarf too! i'm getting one myself soon. just deciding on color.
  4. congratulations!!!!!!! it's *beautiful*!!! i really love the black/silver combination.
  5. It's beautiful ... love that leather, congrats!
  6. it's beautiful! i love it :drool:
  7. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! you have the best finds girl!
  8. That is one gorgeous bag and I love how long the strap is that is amazing I wish they still made them that long!!!
  9. ahh i wish firsts still have the longer strap - it looks so beautiful :drool: congrats!!!!
  10. WOW!!! Congrats babe!!! Another great score!!!
  11. Congrats!! I love the long strap as well ... what a great find!
  12. :wtf::nuts: SOOOO AMAZING!! Congrats on this one! She looks PERFECT!
  13. Beautiful!! And the frames are so cute! :yes: It looks great on you, congrats!! :flowers: A rare and lovely find!
  14. What an amazing find, congratulations! I absolutely love how the PH looks against the beautiful black leather. And your scarf is cute too!
  15. super stunning!!! It looks truly amazing