Zucca Spy handles

  1. I had just received my first-ever Spy in Zucca and I have a question regarding its handles. One of the handle (front handle if you may) is cracking. Is that normal?
  2. Are they the tourtise looking handles? If so, then yes. A lot of people have had problems with those handles.
  3. Yes they are. Oh, well, I guess that kind of sucks :sad:

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Oh nooo!:hysteric:.....I just got a Zucca! I hate to think the handles are gonna give me problems in the future....now I wanna take it back. :sad:
  5. Why not bringing it back if you're not comfortable with it?
  6. do all spy handles crack as well?? just curious?
  7. Just the zuccas were cracking.Fendi NOW has redone all the NEW Zuccas with new handles..So only buy a current model as the older ones are DEFECTIVE...The Fendi SA said they are slightly darker IRL than the older handles
  8. That's good to know. I'm interested in the zucca baby spy.
  9. Is anyone else having a problem with their zucca spy handles?:confused1:
  10. I have the Zucca spy and have no problems with the handles but I wouldn't use mine everyday, however my sister has the black spy and her handles are ruined and the area were the handles join the bag is ripping.
    We went into Fendi last week to complain because she only bought the bag in May and they agreed to take it back and repair it. You should definitely do the same especially since these bags are so expensive.
  11. Ewww, I have a black spy that I purchased from a seller on eBay. I wonder if, God forbid, it starts coming apart, can I take it to a Fendi boutique to have it repaired? Well, hopefully, it stays intact. I hope your sister doesn't have to wait long to have her bag repaired. Like you said, these bags are too pricey for them to be comin' apart like knockoffs.
  12. Hey Katgrrrl

    Hopefully it wont happen but if it does you should be able to bring your bag to any Fendi boutique to get it repaired but you may have to pay for it :sad:
  13. Oh, okay. Just as long as they can have it lookin' like new again should it happen. Thank you:smile:
  14. i have the tortoise looking handles and they look fragile.. i got it used at a good price so i'm not complaining... yet.. hee hee heee