Zucca Love

  1. My Citta Zucca arrived today!:yahoo: The seller sent it FedEx Overnight instead of ground so it got here super quick. Here's the pics:

    DSC02678.JPG DSC02679.JPG

    So that makes my 10th Zucca:wtf:! And I have Zuccas pre-ordered for Famiglia, Tutti, Trasporto, and Vacanze. I can't help myself. I just :heart: that style of bag.
  2. congrats angelic*ruin!!!!! :woohoo:
    the citta zucca is beautiful and that was awesome of the seller to FedEx it overnight!! :tup:

    wow you have a lot of zuccas :biggrin:
  3. ooooooooh the fat planes!!!:heart:
  4. pretty! TEN zuccas? wow. well, you can never have too much of a good thing. :biggrin:
  5. What a beautiful bag! And that's so awesome that the seller sent it to you overnight!
  6. gorgeous!!
  7. love the scooter monkey!! :biggrin: congrats! how much did ya score it for :graucho: ten??? wow! hands down to the zucca :queen:
  8. You're tpf's zucca queen! Can't wait to see pix of ALL your zuccas all together!!!
  9. i'm keeping an eye out for a citta or citta rosa zucca, but i haven't seen any on eBay. :sad: that one is gorgeous though!
  10. wowee!! it's gorgeous!! yes, please, pics of all the zuccas together!! :nuts: i really love this style too. so do you get to use all of them?
  11. O:huh:O:huh:O very pretty..hmm definitely zucca :queen:
  12. Very Beautiful! Congrats!
  13. I can only hope to have that many Zuccas someday...
  14. Cost was $235 inclusive of shipping. That's about as much as I paid for my Foresta Zucca. :nuts: But, I hadn't seen a Citta Zucca for less than that anywhere recently. I have all the prints now in Zucca plus the Arancia solid.

    I'll get all my Zuccas together soon and take a picture.;)
  15. Here's a picture of all of my Zuccas together as requested.