Zooey Deschanel's Photo Shoot

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  2. Tan?
  3. Lol, yeah, she's a little pale, but I still love her. I think she is so cute!
  4. She's pale, but I think the pale suits her well !
  5. maybe a little tan, will make her look even better!!!
  6. cute :smile:
  7. She's cute. I love her sister.
  8. Isn't she looking a little skinny? She's got that anorexcic "fur" on her arms... Has she always been this thin?
  9. she's so weird looking, and I love that about her. ;) she's adorable. and I love how someone so skinny still has a teeny tiny little bitty love handle.
  10. yeah, she needs alittle colour, too pale looking but cute though.
  11. cute!
  12. I like her style!
  13. Who is her sister?

  14. She looks good in the skirt pics.
  15. Her sister is Emily Deschanel. She's in Fox's TV show bones with David Boreanez (watching the promos I thought... hmm, pretty red head performing forensics with tall dark handsome cop: Fox is recycling the X-Files).

    I love Zooey, and am glad that she is bucking the trend and staying pale (though she could eat a donut or two). Loved her in Almost Famous.