Zippy organizer, Porte papier zippé, koala, Trésor int., Mono, groom...I'm lost HELP!

  1. Hi everybody I finally decided on getting an LV wallet (was hesitating with a Bal one).
    But I'm lost here. :confused1:I like big wallets, I do change bags quite often but I never change wallets but wonder if the zippy is too huge.
    Would it if had to fit into a bal first ? Normally I use bigger bags but just in case.
    I also saw the porte papier zippé which is really nice. I need to carry my papers but usually no checkbook just a couple of cc's.
    The trésor int. seems nice too, the Koala maybe a bit small...?!

    I think mono might be best but the groom is sweet too or is it "to cute", (looks a bit like TINTIN).
    I'm closer to 40 than to 20. And will you get tired of it, the white stripe turn gray...?

    hmmmmmmmm HELP!
  2. Personally I love the mono zip.
  3. The mono Cerises zipped wallet would be the perfect match for your Cerises speedy!
  4. I have the Porte Tresor International and I have to admit I don't like it and wish I had the zippy (not the huge one, just the regular one). My PTI tends to have lose credit card slots and when I open it, they are floppy and sometimes fall out. Also, the snap sometimes pops open in my bag and I find the credit cards loose in my speedy. I think if I had the zippy, I would be so much happier since when you open it, everything is right there. That way, even if the credit card slots get a little loose (and they do over time), there's still no risk of them sliding out. Also, the PTI is very thick. The size itself isn't a problem, but it just - I don't know - for me, I just don't like it. The zippy wallet is thinner. Finally, the zippy wallet has a zippered section in the very middle for change. The PTI change section is HUGE. It's almost too big for change, so I end up putting receipts, extra business cards and stuff in it and then I have no place for my change. If I put my change in the actual change section it either rattles around (if there's not enough) or it makes the wallet even thicker if there's too much and then it doesn't stay shut well. Problem is, my wallet is only about 2 years old, in beautiful condition, and I can't bring myself to buy a new one. But everytime I take it out, I hate it more than the last time I took it out, and everytime I wish I had a new wallet. I do like the groom one with the red interior - since it's big, but doesn't open out full like mine (so things wouldn't fall out) - I think it's really cute. I don't know about flaking of the little guy though, or whether I would tire of it over time (these wallets can last a really long time). I do love my new Groom cles. When I win the lottery, I'm going to buy a zippy and throw my PTI at someone who will love it!
  5. I have a PTI, and I really love it. Unlike the other poster, I find the credit card slots tight, if anything. And I've never had it pop open in my bag. It is big, though.
  6. Tammy - I'm glad you like yours! It's a pretty wallet and I get compliments on it - I just hate how the credit card slots got loose. I've heard from other people they have this problem too. I have to put two in each slot now or they don't stay in at all. If I have one in a slot, and hold it upside down - it literally falls right out. I don't know - maybe mine was defective - but I've never been able to have just one in each slot.
  7. The zippy organizer is money well spent,I:heart: mine to death.If I ever wear it out I'll definitely purchase this LV item again.
  8. I have the tresor. It's just ok in my opinion.
    I also have the portefeuille accordeon. It is actually more like a clutch with a chain. It's cute, and at first, I loved it, now, not so much. I think it's too big for a wallet, and too small for a clutch bc you can not fit any makeup/ tissues/gum etc in it.
    I love the koala and want one. I also like the zippy.
    It's tough to find the perfect wallet--if one exists! :shrugs:
    GOod luck finding one that is right for you!
  9. i'd go with the mono pochette wallet. eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LV Monogram Wallet with Zip Pocket or the mono PTI eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Monogram Canvas Porte Trésor International lo the pti holds tons.
  10. Odd, my pti is over 10 yrs old and I have no issues with c/c slots. Sorry to hear that you're having issues with yours.
  11. Thanks so much.

    charleston-mom: I see what you're talking about, that's the problem with my actual wallet.The leather is wonderful but too buttery. My cards stay only in because it has a zipper around.

    I really like the zipper around.

    mickloisme: So you think the portefeuille (accordeon) is too big hmmm,
    the zippy organizer must be even bigger.

    Cat: do you have a picture of yours by any chance one where you hold it this would help to get a better idea of the size.

    Does anybody have or has seen in IRL the porte papier zippé ?
  12. Have you considered the Portefeuille Accordeon?
  13. Actually I havn't dear that adds one to the list.
    I just fear the accordeon style doesn't allow to see the cc's properly?!

  14. You can see the credit cards fine in the Portefeuille. It does spead open nicely for easy access to everything. I guess I think it's too long or bulky or something.. .....I'm just not feeling it anymore. You should probably check it out though as a potential option, to be fair to it :smile:
    If i knew how to, I'd post a pic. The one on Elux does not do it justice bc it does not show it open accordion style.

  15. You're so lucky! Mine is only a few years old. It's very pretty - but the thing literally drives me up a wall! I'm going to break down one of these days and just buy a zippy!