Zipper Pull on Speedies

  1. I have a damier speedy and when I use it sometimes, i see that the leather pull shifts from middle (straight like how its suppose to be), and goes off to the side. and then i will move it back. Its not tight at all.

    is this normal? my speedy epi doesnt have this problem, its like the metal zipper part clamps tightly on the leather pull so it doesnt move.

  2. my mono speedy does that sometimes too. I think it just might be loose. If it bugs you go to LV and see what's up with it :shrugs:
  3. They can often replace the zipper pull right at the boutique, usually free of charge. I would take it in and have them look at it.
  4. thanks for the input, ive only had 2 speedies so im not sure what the norm is for this problem. but i guess its not a problem, maybe its not meant to be completely tight that it cant move. but my leather pull is still tight, but it "CAN" be moved around, whereas the epi doesnt move at all.
  5. I just got mine and it does move....I don't mind it at all...I do however mind that I got purple pen on it hasn't even been a month! Geez!
  6. louielover, you should get a small q-tip soaked in 70% alcohol and dab at it until the pen erases. I work in a science lab and know for sure that alcohol will erase all sorts of ink, including permanent sharpie! It won't ruin the vachetta... it may dry it out a tiny bit, but you can always remoisturize it with leather treatment.
    I have a luggage piece that mildewed on the vachetta, and when I contacted a leather shop I had to soak it all in alcohol with no ill effects. You can PM me if you need more advice!
  7. Oh, that's good advice for getting rid of ink stains! Thanks very much for posting this! :flowers:
  8. ^^ Yes, totally! I work in a lab too...I love alcohol (for pen erasing, of course!). It comes in handy when I make labeling mistakes ALL THE TIME
  9. total support from another lab member!! :P

  10. My 30 does that too :s
  11. My mono 30 does it, too.
  12. mine does it, too. i don't mind, though, it still serves its purpose!
  13. I just tried that on my MC Speedy and Onatah Cuir GM...... didn't work AT ALL for the multicolored canvas, but better on the leather Onatah (still had some marks on it)
  14. I think unless you want it replaced, that's how it's going to have to stay. The one on my mom's vintage 30 does this, as do the ones on my Cerises and my Damier.
  15. Mine doesn't do that at all. It's like totally clamped and won't budge. I just leave it alone because I didn't know that it could possibly move at all.