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  1. Does anyone have any information such as colors, hardware, availability of
    the zip MAB? I saw this one:

    Rebecca Minkoff : Zip Morning After Bag :

    and now I'm in love! Do the zippers on the sides have compartments? I'm sorry I don't know how to post the actual picture.
  2. LOL..I just asked that same question! This site has no further pre-orders. I haven't seen it anywhere else. I also don't know any of your answers; although, the purple haze has gunmetal hardware!
  3. I have a Zip MAM on pre-order in the Orange Haze color..

    I believe it will come in Orange Haze, Black, Purple Haze.. etc..
  4. LR, does the MAB come in all those colors?
  5. Littlerock: where did you pre-order?
  6. MOB is taking preorders on the Zip MAM w 20% off right now; AA is taking preorders with a code if you are a new customer
  7. ^I don't see MAB's. It seems like she is making very few and they are so hard to find!
  8. quick question, is the bag showing in the picture a MAM or MAB? It looks like a MAM to me.
  9. The PH zip is a MAB in that picture.
  10. Dear Lord....I think I'm going to have to add this bag to my list....its gorg!Love both the color and style.
  11. where do i find this bag...i NEED it!!!
  12. I am quite interested in this bag. Wish there were more images available. How the heck am I supposed to get obsessed without pictures!?:confused1:
  13. Aster Alice has other colors MAB.PH only in MAM though
  14. This bag has not yet released so we haven't seen any IRL pictures of it. From my understanding, the zipped pockets are extra compartments. This bag is super cool! Got a purple haze on preorder in the MAM.
  15. I'm sorta glad the purple haze is a slightly distressed leather so I can pass on this even though I'd die for a dark purple RM!!!*sigh* the gods are telling me to stop spending!