Zip clutch question! Help!

  1. Hi!

    I am in love with the MJ zip clutch and I am sure I am not alone!:smile:

    I like both the quilted and non-quilted. My question is are any available to be found with silver hardware? Did the quilted ursula ever come with silver hardware?

    This is my first thread in the MJ section~ thanks for your help!!!:heart:
  2. MJ Boutiques still have some ZCs with silver hardware. Try calling them and request they check the warehouse for all available stock.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen a quilted clutch with silver hardware, only gold.
  4. Thanks!!!!! I will do that!!!!:yahoo:
  5. Thanks for responding!:heart: ~ I wan't sure if they came in silver~ I've only seen gold.
  6. If you call an MJ boutique...can you post what colors they have available? There are lots of MJ fans here that adore the silver hardware..(Myself included!) Thanx!! Good luck in your search! I want a RED one!!
  7. ^^^Yes~ I will let you know!!!!!!:heart:
  8. The MJ store in Boston has the washed rose and midnight if anyone is interested!!! Just thought I'd give you the update!!! If anyone knows of any other colors at other stores PLEEZE let me know!!! Thank you!
  9. I saw a beautiful berry with silver in the MJ San Francisco Boutique a week or so ago:

    SA: Lucas @ (415)362-6500

    A few other out of season colors too, but can't recall exactly. I like the silver also.
  10. Thanks Abby!!!:heart: :flowers: :heart: I just called!!! WAAH!!:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: They don't have any!!!!!!!!!:sad:
  11. Nothing with silver????!!!!
  12. Nothing!!! That what SA Lukas says!
  13. Dang! -
    I'll keep a look out --
  14. ^^^Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I'm also looking for a ZC with silver hardware (if not that, at least a bright color). So far the only bright one I saw was a topaz at Saks in San Francisco. Maybe I'll call a MJ boutique too? If I do I'll let you know the result.