Zip Clutch Owners: Did you use any kind of protectant first?

  1. I got an amazing zc right after Christmas, only I haven't started using it yet b.c I'm afraid of staining/getting it dirty. Do you use any kind of sealant or protector first?
    It seems like MJ soft calf leather is more laid-back and hardy than most, but I'm still afraid of marking a lighter color.

    Suggestions greatly appreciated.

    (please move if this isn't the right place...)
  2. I have not used anything on mines. It has been fine so far.
  3. I have not used any protectant on mine. So far there has not been any damanges, only the coners showing some colour fading.
  4. I have one and use it everyday with no problems!!!
  5. no protectant needed. and I'm pretty hard on my accessories.
    what color did you get, btw?
  6. I got Ferrari Red (great deal off eBay!) and I love the color. (hence the fear of marking it up...)
  7. I have had mine since last summer, no protection, and it still looks almost new. I use it every day. I even dripped a spot of red wine and freaked out inside my head but wanted to appear normal in front of mixed company at dinner--so I didn't wipe it right away--and voila! it totally disappeared anyway. I am not sure if that was magic or what.
    BTW, mine's topaz.
  8. I use Appleguard. It works well. If you plan to use it as a wallet inside your purse, I definitely suggest using something to treat it. Or maybe it is just me, but I keep so many things in my handbag, that my wallet can get banged around pretty easily or get spots on it more so than my bags, so treating it usually helps.
  9. i use my zc as a wallet, inside my purse, i've only had it about 2 months but haven't noticed anyhting wrong with it....still looks new.....i just don't protect any of my bags or accessories with appleguarde etc. i've heard horror stories and mj already pretreats the leather, so that when i freaked out about water spots on my bags, i shouldn't have, the bag got dry and looked as good as new.
  10. i haven't treated any of mine either.... i use my emerald ZC the most, and it still looks brand new after over a year.