zappos: my love/hate relationship

  1. does anybody else love/hate Zappos?

    the pros: you can find alot of older styles still available that may have already sold out elsewhere or maybe have just been removed from the shelves because they are so old; great shipping return policies

    the cons: they hold on to shoes forever before they will discount. by the time they even reduce by 20% the shoe is several seasons old and any deeper discount guarantees availability only in sixes 5 and 11
  2. love: customer service! it is probably one of the best i have encountered.

    hate:i think their prices are a bit more compared to other sites. but eh, i guess i really don't hate it since they have price guarantees.
  3. Love Zappos, awesome selection, lightening fast shipping, great customer service. No cons here.
  4. Ironically, Zappos USED to have fabulous discounts (several years ago), and I would spend SO much on one order. However, in recent years, I noticed that the price cuts are scant, and even their "clearance" prices aren't so appealing. Therefore, I no longer shop w/ them anymore. :tdown:
  5. I don't think they have that great of prices. I do like that they have overnight shipping.
  6. Pros: One of the best customer service I've ever encountered .... Shipping - it's free and FAST!!! ... Return Policy.

    Con: Prices.
  7. I wish they'd ship to canada!!
  8. Pros: the fact I can find shoes that are sold out elsewhere. Fast Shipping, and great return policy.

    Cons: They say free shipping, but in truth it really isn't. They hike up the price of the item to cover those charges. is the same way.
  9. Also love the overnight shipping.

    I know it takes forever for them to discount styles but when stores are discounting them, they are easy to work with for price adjustments. I just bought a $600 bag (zappos full retail price) for $175 from Zappos because another website has it on sale for $200. When I called in and pointed it out they matched is and discounted it an extra 10% of the difference.

    My only con to them is if you are returning a lot of shoes at one time you have to call to get your full credit. Usually only some of the items returned show up as credited. They credit you the rest without a hassle but I don't like calling in.
  10. They have a Canadian site now but I noticed the selection is limited compared to the US site.
  11. I agree, even their store front outlets are not such a great deal! I figured since it was an oulet, there would be some great items available. The cutest pair of shoes I found was a pair of Marc Jacobs denim pumps and they were still $234! I bought a pair of Marc Jacobs quilted pumps on clearance at DSW that are not only one of my favorite pairs of shoes but they were only $67!!! Now THAT is a bargain!:yes:
  12. I definitely agree with your comments! I love Zappos, but don't look to them for bargains. I wear a size 5 usually and Zappos carries 5s while many other online sites start at 6. Ususally I'm happy just to get the shoes I want in my size. In general I use Zappos when I'm willing to pay full price, plus the convience is great and returns are easy.
  13. I think the customer service, free shipping and convenience of shopping from home are definite plusses and I buy almost all my shoes from them.

    I don't mind paying their full's worth it to me.

    The only down side I see with them, is that they don't carry enough high-end brands.
  14. In the last year I've grown very disappointed in their selection. Or perhaps my taste has improved. Nonetheless I love it for my kid, awesome Heelies!