Zappos does not match prices anymore!

  1. I just called Zappos because I found a pair of red pumps for way cheaper in and they told me they dont do price match anymore. The SA was a doll and she went ahead and did it for me since it was my first time asking for a price match. The also upgraded the shipping and I should get them really soon.

    I look trought and the little slogan that said 110% price guaranteed is not there anymore?? :sad:
  2. I've never ordered anything from Zappos because I've always found whatever I was looking for cheaper on other sites. I just use Zappos to read reviews before I buy a pair of shoes. I think maybe the price matching was costing too much money since you can often find the same pair for less elsewhere.
  3. ^me too! I dont buy from them...theyre not really the cheapest out there.
  4. I had no idea about the price match policy they had untill I joined tPF honestly. The reason I often got shoes from them is because their 360 days free return policy. I found a pair of shoes for 33.26 @ amazon and zappos had them for 105.00. So I asked them about it. I am glad they did if for me, for courtesy they said. I agree, their prices are very high. The reviews are helpful too.
  5. They no longer have the Free Overnight Shipping either :sad:
  6. They are usually a little bit more expensive than other places (sometimes just a few dollars, other times, $100 higher) but when the price is close, they are THE best to order from. They ship free both ways and handle returns better than any other place I have ordered from. They also have a large variety of colours and sizes.
  7. I suggest going with They don't have as extensive as a selection as Zappos, but they do price match and lately overnight shipping has been NEGATIVE $5.

    I've made multiple orders with them and can't say enough things about them. They also have a 365-day return policy and free return shipping.

    Plus if you use luckymagrewards, you get 10% back! Plus I think most states it's tax-free!
  8. That stinks! Unfortunately, i will have to continue to shop at Zappos because they have the largest selection of size 4.5 shoes :rolleyes:
  9. That sucks!