Zadig handbag- HELP!!

  1. I am in desparate need of the Zadig Rock N Hobo purse! I have been saving & saving for this bag for 6 months. When I called to order it today, they were sold out of the blue leather & will not be ordering anymore. I am so so sad, I need this bag!! Do you or a friend have one ? Will you sell it to me? I can pay any amount (almost). If you don't have it, I would pay a finders fee to anyone who could find one for me. Now do you understand how much I want this bag? I will do almost anything to have this!

  2. You asked for it -here it is!


    This is the website from France-it's listed as 375 Euros which is about $503.92 US ...good luck ordering it! Click on the link and it takes you directly tto them at their website.
  3. The website is sold out. When you call to order ( US orders can't use the website, you have to call), they are sold out too.
    Seriously- reward to anyone who can get me this bag!!:sweatdrop:
  4. Did you check out any of their other boutiques listed at the original site where they might still have some in France somewhere?
  5. hello do you finally find your bag?