yurman jewelry vs chanel purse?

  1. Just curious to see what people felt was a better investment. I used to LOVE jewelry, ok, I was obsessed. But them my affection turned towards purses. I walked in to a jewelry store the other day just to browse and saw the most beautiful David Yurman tahitian pearl necklace. It has 3 huge t. pearls, which are surrounded by roundels of small diamonds. It's on a figaro link chain w/ a toggle clasp. At that moment, I forgot about my purses. It does come at a hefty price $2450. Just the amount of a nice new chanel or LV suhali. Which would you guys go for, purse or jewelry?
  2. If you have a nice purse or two and you'd wear this necklace for years--I say jewelry. You don't "need" another bag.
  3. I'm a sucker for jewelry,... so I say go for the Yurman

    But if you invest in a classic silouette handbag, that would be a good investment too
  4. I now own 2 black chanel totes, one cambon and one caviar, a LV hudson, BH and black MC alma. I guess that should be enough for a little while. I do have one DY wheat double strand necklace with a diamond encrusted buckle clasp. That was my anniversary present last year. But the Tahitians are stunning! I do believe that they're calling me. I think you ladies are right. I guess jewelry is the better choice for now.
  5. Yep! Especially given what is in your bag collection already. The Yurman is a much better choice.
  6. That's enough bags--go get the jewelry. Are you going to get it through NM? If so, NM is having a promo from today to Saturday. If you spend $2k, you get 1,250 bonus points or some small gc. AND for spending $500/more, you'll get a $100 credit for denim. ANY denim in the store. This is an in-store only promo, but not a bad way to go.

    If you're going with Saks, you'd get a gc today (Thursday, 4/20) only. And Bloomingdales is supposedly starting their pre-sale for their F&F event. You'd get 20% off--I'm not positive that Yurman is included, but it doesn't hurt to call and ask.
  7. Get the Yurman considering you have all those wonderful bags!
  8. Wow, that's a very hard decision! I love jewelry and I love bags. I also love David Yurman jewelry. I just got a beautiful DY ring! Hmmmm..... I guess if I were you I'd decide what I would get more use out of. Would you wear the necklace just on special occasions or would you wear it often? IMO it's a lot of $$$ to only wear it occasionally. If that's the case then I'd go with a bag. I know I am probably not helping you much because they both sound great!
  9. Love hearing your responses. You guys are great!
  10. jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. i can live without beautiful handbags, but beautiful jewelry, never!!

    I think you need some nice jewelry to go with your nice purses!! (not saying that you don't have any already)
  11. Bags are my personal fave, but jewelry will always be a better investment. People will always want gemstones; not so much for last season's bag.
  12. Wow sounds like you have a great Chanel collection. With that in mind, I'd go for the jewlery. Plus, bags will be easier to find later than specifc jewlery you are loving at the moment.
  13. So true. Thanks you guys!
  14. Love the necklace that you're referring to :love: . Another vote for the necklace!!
  15. ack that is tough! if u have a bag u use a lot and u love.. then go for jewelry... those maintain value longer.