yurman 7mm bracelet- opinions?

  1. My bf got me a classic 7mm amethyst bracelet. It was so unexpected :yahoo: and my first yurman piece. However, I had been looking at some yurman rings with my mom a little while ago (for christmas) and the colors I like best on me for rings was the turquoise and the citrine. I didn't consider the amethyst. My question is, should I return the bracelet (exchange I should say) for the aqua because my mom might end up getting me the ring or I might end up getting it down the line? Is it weird to have two different colors? (learning toward yes)

    My bf did say he was very close to getting me the "blue stone" but he ended up getting amethyst because he remembered one of my girlfriends at school has the blue one. I don't think that should be a deciding factor for me!!

    Sorry for the ugly shot- I have stubby arms and no one was around to take a pic for me!
  2. The amethyst is gorgeous, but if you think you would like the turquoise or citrine better, by all means exchange it. That way if you do get the ring for yourself or from your mom, you'll have a matching pair.
  3. Wow, nice boyfriend! The amethyst is gorgeous, but if you like the turquoise or citrine better then get it! On another note, you don't have to wear the bracelet and the ring at the same time, so having two colors is fine, unless of course you want to wear them together.
  4. I agree w/ the others. I also think you could wear both together. However, I'm not a "matchy" person.
  5. i have the 7mm blue topaz and a topaz ring, as well as a pearl bracelet and pearl ring
    with yurman its hard to mix stone colors, i would stick with the same colors if possible
    but that is an amazing gift!!!
  6. I'd keep the amethyst just b/c thats what your bf chose for you lol..but if you definitely prefer the other stones and KNOW you'll like them more then you should exchange! Out of the stones you mentioned I think citrine is nicest. I'm not as big a fan of the blue.
  7. i have yurman in different colors, and like someone else said i'm not very "matchy" either. i think the best part of david yurman is that you will still match, even with different colors, bc the style of the jewelry is all so similar.

    for rings, i have the petite albion in lemon citrine and LOVE it!! im getting the matching earrings in black onyx, and can post after tomorrow AM :smile:
  8. Thanks for all your comments. I think I need to go on a little shopping spree and see what I like best. I also want to try on the 5mm bracelet to see if it would world better for daily use
  9. i have the citrine and love it, but personally, i think the amethyst looks great and it's unique.

    it's a wonderful gift/color!
  10. oops I completely forgot to update! My mom ended up getting me a citrine ring (2.7 carat citrine, with champagne diamonds (total .5 ct)) and it's stunning. I wanted to be able to wear it with my bracelet so I exchanged it for the citrine. My bf didnt mind and thinks they look gorgeous together. Pics soon!
  11. ^^ ur such a lucky girl :smile: wonderful mommy and boyfriend. cant wait for the pics! i was also gonna mention that im sort of a matchy person and my first yurman piece ended up being silver with yellow gold ends so i wouldnt have a problem matching my next few pieces and it works out good for layering them as well
  12. Sounds great! Can't wait to see pics!