Yummy orange flap

  1. I was shopping for a cosmetic bag today at NM in Tysons. While I was waiting for the SA to locate a box for my little nylon case, I saw the yummiest looking/feeling flap. OMG it was the most beautiful color and was trimmed in magenta. It was quite possibly the most impractical handbag I had ever seen (except maybe white lamb.) Maybe it is a reissue, but I'm no expert. I wish I had a use for it, but I am Mrs. Practical, so I had to step away from the display. I did luck out with the cosmetic case, however. I believe it was the least expensive Chanel product in history at $155 and it wasn't even on sale! The SA really had to dig deep in the drawers to find it, too.
  2. That is a really good price. Do you happen to have a picture of the cosmetic bag?
  3. Hmm is the orange flap part of the icons line? Sounds interesting!

    That cosmetics case is such a good deal! Do post pics if you can.
  4. post pics of the cosmetic case! i would love to get one at 155!
  5. oh its really cute! I would get that if I saw it.
  6. i love that bag with the pink outer lining I agree it is a bit impractical, what would you wear to match that bag? Cant wait to see your cosmetics case- I thought mine was cheap at $340!
  7. I did say the bag was nylon. I have already loaded it up and put away the tags. I couldn't find the tag for some reason (and I save everything!) Anyway, here are a couple of photos of my bargain. I saw some of the leather cosmetic cases, but they were too small. Sorry for the less than perfect photos.
    cosmeticbag2.jpg cosmeticbag.jpg bag_receipt.jpg
  8. is there a special ligne name for that flap?
  9. Love your cosmetic bag! Would you mind giving the dimensions if you have time? THANKS!
  10. Thanks for posting a picture. I love that!!!
  11. It is my pleasure: 8" wide; 5.75" deep (from top of zipper to bottom of bag;) and about 1.75" thick. It opens really wide and holds a lot. The base of the bag is leather and there is a leather strap that run up the side of the bag that is like a handle. For arthritic old hands like mine, it is a real pleasure to be able to grab the bag without having to hold on to the top of it. When you get to my age, you will see this as a real plus!!
    Normally I save the tags but I misplaced them, so I can't give you a model number. If I find them, I'll post the information. It must have been buried in the depths of old unsold accessories.
  12. omg . im gonna check my store for that

  13. THANK YOU!! :tup: