yummy NWT '06 caramel weekender $1300 BIN

  1. Ooohhh....that is a luscious looking bag.
  2. it's apretty bag! i hae one and love it sooo much :yes:
  3. Yummmmmmmmm, thats definately one of the colours I aim to get... but unfortunateluy not a Weekender...
  4. I have my eyes on this baby!
  5. you should totally get it girl, i swear this color gets even better the more you use it :tender:...even after just wearing it a few times, the leather breaks in & becomes even more scrumptious!!!...i wasn't so crazy about it when i 1st saw it brand new in the stores last summer...but then i saw these gorgeous caramels popping up here & when i found out they were s/s '06 i was like :wtf::nuts::heart:...that's when i started searching for an excellent condition one on e-bay & found my caramel baby!!!
  6. baiyishang!!!! go get this baby :yes: