YSL Yris bag?

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  1. Can anyone tell me if the Yris bag is as popular as the muse and is it readily available? I have been wanting the muse in black until i came across some pictures of the Yris bag in brown.. I think it is totally gorgeous. If anyone has a Yris bag please post pics and let me know wat the price. Also is the size comparable to the medium muse? Thanks soo much. I absolutely love this forum!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  2. This is a pic of a Yris that belongs to Goldensx5. The Yris was introduced in early 2006, and they sold out by last summer, I believe. I don't think YSL is making them anymore, but you could try calling the boutiques.


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  3. oh my god.. its soo gorgeous.. i really hope they have it.. i am goign to paris next month so will look for it then.. thanks for the post :smile:
  4. This bag is really gorgeous. I wish they were still making it, I really want one.
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