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  1. Hello! I am very curious. Has anyone ordered from the actual Saint Laurent website online and in the UnitedStates ? I just ordered a key holder for the first time online and I read some bad reviews.

    Please let me know. Thank you!
  2. I am also interested to hear this. I ordered s large college bag on Sunday and my order still says processing. Also, on Monday I got what looked like a scam email from “Saint Laurent Customer Care” requesting further information on my credit card. It says to respond within 5 days or my order will be cancelled. I emailed YSL today and hope to hear back tomorrow. I am in the US.
  3. I’m in the US and ordered online from them once. Shipping took forever. All of their emails do kind of look like spam. Everything worked out ok in the end though! Only reason I ordered online is because I do not like the boutique return policy of store credit only no matter what.
  4. I hope you hear back soon too. Mine says in transit from their Italian warehouse ? I hope it works out.
  5. Oh wow really? If you don’t mind me asking,how long was shipping?
  6. I just ordered a bag from them and had some questions so I called them and can’t get through! After several tries I finally reached a consultant who said there are only 2 people working and answering calls! Ridiculous! You’d think that a company that big will have a call center?!?!
  7. Wow really? I tried calling, no luck. Emailed to just cancel my order.
  8. Their website says to email and they should respond within 24 hrs. It’s been over 24 hrs and still no response.
  9. I sent my email on Tuesday and just heard back today.
  10. Wow I’m sorry many of you are having problems with ordering online. I’ve purchased twice from the US website with no issues. Both packages arrived within two to three days with beautiful packaging as well. I also made a return once for a SLG because I didn’t like the color and I recieved my refund promptly.
  11. It took almost three weeks. I’d ordered a basic in-stock card holder. Hope you have better luck!
  12. My bag will be here by Wednesday. The email I received asking for credit card validation was legit. After I provided that information, the bag was shipped out the next day.
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