YSL Sac Bowly Bag

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    Hello ladies! I am a newby in YSL! Still looking around and I must say, very, very tempted! Although I haven't quite decided on which one to choose! I stumbled upon this YSL Sac Bowly Bag which interests me but I can't seem to find much info about it!

    Is this something new or just not popular to YSL fanatics?
    I have attached some photos I saw from the web. Let me know what you think! Ta! :biggrin:
    YSL.jpg YSL 2.jpg
  2. I saw it before, I do not remember when it came out, it is a very cure bag :smile:))
  3. Thanks Vesna! Yes it looks cute and functional too! Not sure why it's not popular though.

    Does anyone else know anything about this bag? Really want some inside info as I won't be able to touch/feel/model it on myself as if ever I will be buying it online.

    TIA ;)
  4. sorry have never seen this bag before...wish I could be of more help.

    That being said, it looks like the leather is crest/bubbly leather similar to the one on my Easy. (Maybe someone else can chime in on this?). It is a hardy leather, IMO and I love it! The way the zipper goes from one side of the bag to the other (as in the zipper does not just sit on the top section of the bag) reminds me of the sac chyc bag I have (see Let's try this again...Introducing My New Baby! for pics). I find that to be a cute touch.

    As this has handles and a shoulder strap, it seems that it will prove very functional. I will admit, that I am not a big fan of how prominent the handles are on the front of the bag. Yet, that does not detract from it, if you know what I mean.

    I will say, make sure you can return the bag if for whatever reason it doesn't 'sing' to you once you receive it. Other than that, best of luck and I hope you love it when you get it :biggrin:
  5. I have a feeling that the handles are made of the same sturdy leather as the strips on the body, and they perhaps give sloudhier bubbly leather more rigid shape. I would like to see it on someone. I misunderstood Rive Gauche as rigid suitcase from Bluefly photos until I saw some photos from the street fashion and realized how slouchy and beautiful it really is. We can conclude nothing really from these photos :sad:((
  6. Ooh thanks Vesna and Aluxe, those pics were helpful. The handle strap seemed really hard and looked a bit awkward on her shoulders and the long strap was really looong! Guess I really have to try this on before buying...
  7. I've gone into Cultstatus and tried it: it is a long strap for me (I'm 165cm tall), soft but sturdy leather.

    I heard from a SA that YSL thinks this is not going to be a greatly popular style, so they haven't done as many as other styles.

    Personally, I think it's a great style and size. You can fit in a lot, or nothing at all, and it will still look good. In time, the leather will slouch with use.

    YSL, this is one of your nicest styles!!! And, if you added a weight distributor on the long strap, it would be PERFECT.
  8. great !! are you getting it ?

    By the way Coolstatus is in Australia, isn't it? They have ManiaMania rings, I am crazy about them, had to pay a lot to get them all the way to canada :smile:
  9. Yes, they are in Perth, Western Australia. I can imagine it would have been expensive to get things sent to you in Canada!

    No, I won't be getting the YSL Bowly. I went in again today to look at it when I had fifteen minutes to spare. I absolutely adore it!

    It is the perfect size; looks good day-to-night; has both top-handles and long cross body strap with a zippered main compartment, all of which are essentials in my dream bag(s). However, a poncho at Sass and Bide with navy leather suede fringing caught my eye. I've been after a poncho for ages now, and daren't buy it online for a whole lot less, because you need to try ponchos on - too small it looks like you stole it off some small child, and too big, it looks like I am going out into the desert heartlands for a week to escape human contact. After buying the poncho today, I couldn't get the Bowly.

    Will you get the Bowly? Cultstatus has the one in chocolate as well, and that is simply too divine for words, too!

    It's my habit to pay up front cash for all my bags and clothes, because then it hurts so bad that I really think about whether I want the item or not! It's the only way to stop me from over spending.
  10. Hi SkyBlueDay! I am shorter than you and that long strap length is really what I am worried about that's why I haven't taken the plunge yet. The brown just looks so divine though! I am from Adelaide and going to Perth just to try it on is a bit overkill I thought :p
  11. Yes, a special trip out will make it way too expensive a purchase!

    Let me know if you'd like me to take a photo of it on me and email the shot to you at your preferred email address. I wander into the city every so often, so if they still have it, I would be very happy to do that for you, and to find your the exact length of the long strap.

    Long straps can easily be shortened by good leather smiths (there is a fantastic one here, who does all the work on ,y leather bags, from inserting zippers, shortening straps, and does all the repairs for airline staff).
  12. I just bought this bag today in the dark brown and it's stunning, the richly textured leather is so beautiful! I'll post some pics later. I wouldn't worry so much about what YSL bags are popular ...just buy what speaks to you :love:
  13. Oh thanks SkyBlueDay!

    Congrats 4purse! Can't wait to see your pics and let me know what you think of it!
  14. I have been using my dark brown Bowly for about two weeks and love it more every time I do. This bag is stunning with the large textured leather and is super light weight which is important to me. It's just a really great bag.