YSL Musée in Morocco

  1. Has anybody visited it?
  2. Do you mean the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech? I have. It was a highlight of Marrakech for me!!
  3. Thanks! I mean the new YSL museum beside the Jardin Majorelle


    I’m wondering if they sell any accessories there in the gift shop. I am definitely going to buy a book but curious about other things that might be there eg. WoC.
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  4. We were just there 2 days ago! It was about a 1.5mi walk from the Riad we were staying in. The exhibit is STUNNING and beautifully done! There are a few necklaces and key chains but no bags which I must say I was slightly disappointed by. I did buy a necklace! Mostly the giftshop was coffee table books relating to YSL and his legacy, some postcards etc...I started to buy a book and then decided against it as it was extremely heavy and my bags were already going to be quite heavy from all the items I had bought from our 10 day trip there. Definitely should go if you have the opportunity.
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  5. Thanks, exactly the info I need! I guess no WoC for me but I collect books about designers so I will buy at least one.

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