YSL MUSE lock problems?

  1. So for fun tonight I unlocked my Muses' lock for the first time. It popped open and I took it off to admire it. I decided it looked better on the bag so I went to put it back on and suddenly there was trouble. It was really really hard to get it to release again - and then to lock it back down. I actually needed my DH to use brute force to get the lock to "lock down" again. Needless to say - I won't ever be taking it off again.

    What about other Muse owners? Any problems?
  2. Mine seems ok. I've played with it several times. Itchy fingers..:shame: A couple of times I had to convince it to snap back down but it was more like gentle guided force, not brute force. So far, no problems with release. Maybe yours just needs a bit of lock grease/oil thingy.. y'know, the stuff for squeaky door hinges:idea:?
  3. ummm...I going to try mine. Hopefully no problems.
  4. i'm having problems with my lock... it won't lock for more than 20 seconds before it pops open... does anyone have this problem and what have you done to remedy it?

  5. Did you take the key out? When I tried mine, I seem to remember that I had to do that.
  6. my son plays with it everytimr i use my muse and its still doing ok :smile:
  7. hi guys... i just got the Muse grey blue bag, and i have the key.. but i just realized.. where is the lock? i can't seem to find it. please help.
  8. the key is in that thing dangling from the bag (what do you call that thing again???) :confused1:
  9. It should be hanging on the front of your bag through a little loop, right above where Yves Saint Laurent is embossed on the leather.

  10. Key holder is called a "clochette"....funny, I always thought the lock on the front was merely a decoration.....Does anyone actually USE the lock on their YSL bags ???
  11. i use them to lock my bags when i have to bring my bag to go through customs or when I am at the airport in case anyone try to do something to my bag
  12. Oh no, I have the same problem..... I took it off and now I can't get it back on...

    Thank goodness the BF is coming over tonight.... I may need his help!

    Any advice?
  13. ^ No problems on my lock.. I've fiddled with it abit too.
  14. My key has to be in the lock, whether to unlock or lock it.
  15. I haven't had any problems with it!! Glad to know about using it during the checking point at the airport. I usually carry it when I travel!!!