YSL MUSE dilemma!

  1. hey pf gals!

    ive finally decided on getting a chocolate muse but i am having the ysl boutique hold a large and an oversize for me cuz i simply cant decide...and i have about a day lol :amazed: !

    i love how the oversize looks cuz it gives it a little something extra...but i usually like carrying my bags over my shoulder...which makes the large more appealing since the straps are longer...what do you guys think i should do!!

    also, i was wondering, have any of you muse owners tried dressing down with the muse...ive seen it with jeans and it looks cute but will it look awkward with sweats?

    thanks so much for your help!!!
  2. maybe because my arms are thin, but i can hold my oversize on my shoulder...i like the oversize better!!
    BTW the muse is a great bag!!!:nuts:
  3. The straps on the large are maybe half an inch longer than the straps on the oversized. I honestly don't see much of a difference.

    I think the Muse looks great with jeans, but sweats is going to be a real stretch. I personally would not go that casual with this bag; it's too classy for really dressed down attire.
  4. To my personal taste I prefer the Muse in the XL version. It just seems more beautiful - there's a reason the XL is the one most photographed on celebrities.
    I'm only 5'4 and I think it's perfect on me. Also I carry it on my shoulder 99% of the time I use it, and i'm not petite my any means.
  5. I went through the same dilemma. I just prefer the Oversized as it provides the oddness that I need to appreciate this bag. Does that make sense? While I do love the large (and may actually buy one in the fall), it's too practical-looking for me! That said, if you try the Oversized and you think it looks silly on you, definitely go for the large.

    Do you like how the large looks on other people?
  6. I think that both bags can be worn in exactly the same ways...the handle drop doesn't make that much of a difference. It really depends what you like...and for me I knew that the large was it.It sounds as if you like oversized.

    (I am 5'2 but not thin. I would have looked like the side of a house carrying such an enormous bag!! I adore my large).

    Good luck and post pics when you get your bag!!:flowers:
  7. I am with QuickyCool on this one. It really depends on what you like. I had my heart set on a large tan, but once I tried the medium on I knew it was right for me. :smile:
  8. i just tried both on at the YSL boutique in LV- the jumbo/XL is about the size of a small carry-on. the next size down is perfect for everyday use IMO.
  9. I agree XL!
  10. I have the large in chocolate--i thought i wanted the oversize but it looked too big IRL and I'm 5'8"! It depends on what looks good on you, I agree, and also on how much stuff you'll carry because I don't think the bags look good empty, I tend to use mine with a good amount of stuff.

    Sweats...I dunno about that one. I wear jeans all the time and the muse is GREAT with them. post pics when you decide!
  11. That is really great to know. I am also 5'4" and have a small frame. I am waiting on the XL muse to arrive any day now. I was starting to think it was going to be too large for me. But this makes me feel I ordered the correct size.
  12. I think you should get the oversized, take a look at the Norcal purse meeting pics. My niece is carrying it over her shoulder and she has average size arms (next to me, I'm the one with the black Fendi Spy). It really is a great size!
  13. thanks so much for your input guys...

    i love both the sizes but just think the xl makes it more special...i think im probably gonna go ahead with the XL since most of you said that they can be worn quite comfortably over the shoulders! thanks so much!
  14. ^^^XL is my fav! What color? Are you going to have it embossed?
  15. ill be getting it in chocolate! cant wait :biggrin: !!