YSL Leopard Scarf Keep or Return?

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  1. This silk scarf was sold as cashmere on the Saks website but it's silk. Still,I ended up kinda liking it. Is leopard out of style? Is it too overpriced?
  2. I don't personally think leopard is out of style, it looks hot especially with the outfit you have! However, I myself would contact Saks about that. If it's advertised as Cashmere, that's what you should receive. I would contact customer service and ask if this is what the scarf is really made of, if there was a mix-up, etc. You need to look into that.
  3. It looks cute. I agree about investigating why yours was not the cashmere version. I don't know how much you paid but usually the silk ones are cheaper (if there are two versions), so definitely worth contacting Saks.
  4. I did let Saks know they need to change their website. The fist thing I thought too was that silk should cost less than cash. The funny thing is, the price I was charged was less than this seems to be on NAP so maybe I got a deal by their mistake.
  5. I think leopard is IN style and looks great and the color is nice, however i would have preferred cash over silk.
  6. A little bit of animal print is probably always in style. And this comes from someone who hardly does animal prints :biggrin:

    Its pretty and I confess, I liked it in one of the catalogs/books I received recently.

    I'd keep but call the store and let them know it wasn't as advertised.