YSL Large croc-embossed patent Tribute SOLD-OUT?

  1. I've fallen head over heels for this bag :heart: -- the YSL croc-embossed black patent Tribute (prefer large size). Went to Saks NYC earlier this evening and was told that it's sold-out throughout all Saks stores nationwide :sad:. Is that really the case? :confused1: I really hope not and actually don't quite trust the SA who gave me that info -- he just said it's sold-out at Saks NYC, and when I asked if he could do a nationwide inventory search for me, he simply brought up that it's sold-out nationwide and didn't sound like he could be bothered to look up the SKU # somewhere.

    Could some of our ladies here (who are much more knowledgeable about YSL than I am) confirm? Is the croc-embossed large Tribute selling out that quickly? I would much prefer getting it from a dept. store (preferably Saks since I use their card & there's the EGC event coming up). But are the boutiques my only option now?
  2. I'm by no means an expert, but just wanted to mention that I've seen the bag at NM and on its website. My Saks doesn't even carry YSL so I've never bothered to ask. Good luck! I love that bag.
  3. Hi, I saw this bag at Neiman Marcus here in San Antonio about 2 weeks ago, so you may want to give them a call.
  4. Call Lisa at NM 248-635-8442. It is her direct line. She helps everyone find what they need and she has been great to us in Hermes.
  5. Oooh I love that bag.....hope you manage to track one down! :tup:
  6. The croc-embossed Tribute tote got wildly popular after all the celebs started wearing it this spring. I've only seen the medium size at NM and Saks recently, not the large, which is what most of the celebs wore. (In fact, I'm not even certain that NM and Saks ordered this bag in the large size?????) I would advise checking with a YSL boutique to track one down for you. Lucky that you live in New York. Good luck!
  7. neiman's in sf had one when i was there on saturday...
    our saks has ysl, and i remember seeing the medium, not sure about the large...
  8. Love this bag also! Hope you find it