YSL Downtown Tote?

  1. I was thinking of investing in a YSL downtown tote. What do you guys think about the lasting power of this bag? Will it still be stylish by the fall?
  2. I think that the tote is really great - very classic looking, but extremely roomy! I've looked at it for several months now, but only recently decided that it wasn't for me.
  3. havde you held it yet?
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  5. I haven't held one yet. Is there something that I should know before I fall in love too much?
  6. it is a bit heavy. I have the patent violet i got from luisaviaroma and it was really heavy
  7. I recommend getting the original size in the deerskin, it is much lighter than the patent and it's great for travel since it is so soft. The downtown is the most practical YSL bag I have seen in a while. I like the look of the uptown but you can't throw it over your shoulder and everybody has the muse. I really can't remember ever seeing so many people carrying the same bag in my life!
  8. I agree with bgbrunette.. the deerskin from the
    cruise collection, which is the one without a pocket on the outside, is Very light & fully lined in suede which the others aren't. You should look around now because there are still sales going on. I think it has lasting power.