Your vedict on the twisted flap?

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  1. Just wondered if anyone ended up purchasing this and what you thought after wearing it.
    Would love your opinions.
  2. Answering my own question. :smile: Ran to look at it and unfortunately the proportions didn't work for me on this bag...too east west.
  3. really? do you have any pics of it? is it heavier? does it look bulkier?
  4. ^^Hi Mysassylady! The bag was very, very light but the very long east west. The proportion just looked very strange on me (like I was carrying a torpedo under my arm). Others have said they don't like the leather because it looks plastically. I actually liked the leather because it seemed durable but light and gave the bag a hip edge. Definitely a bag that you should try before buying imo.
  5. I thought the same...
  6. I loved it and thought about buying it earlier in the season, but I decided to save my money until I am in NYC in early December. I loved the light weight and the size.