Your thoughts on Python and Pony....

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  1. oh is it so? "Pony Hair" Does sound more exotic than "furry cowhide":biggrin: Thanks for the clarification.
  2. I actually think Pony & Python is tacky, it reminds me of my grandmother whose sweaters look like they were dumped in a pail of glitter and gems. She would definately dig any bag with pony hair and python!
  3. I try not to take issue with python, but something about it makes me cringe. I can't put my finger on it - I'm not afraid of snakes per se, but I can't quite stomach using them as material.:weird:

    As a horse-lover, I had to make sure that pony hair was just a name. It was to my great relief that its actually cow hide with the hair still attached - it meant I could drool over these without feeling sick.:biggrin:


  4. I am terrified of snakes I can't even look at them on TV so there is no way id cary any type of snake bag. I hope they don't hurt the ponys =o(
  5. They call the 'hair calf' (another name for it) 'pony skin' becuase it used to be pony skin. A hundred years or so ago, before people became sensitized to such things, real pony skin was used. Now its just the name for the material.

    I used to have a pony skin bag that I loved. I sold it when I stopped using it often enough to warrant the expense. It does 'wear' but only where it gets rubbed, just the way leather or fabric wears.

    I currently have a python bag that I really love. I'm attaching a photo. I just find that its a busy enough pattern that I have to be careful with the rest of my wardrobe so I don't look like an eye test pattern!

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  6. I hate snakes. Just looking at the skin creeps me out. Wouldn't buy the pony ones either, just not my style.
  7. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the pony or python. Just a personal preference. I'd rather have canvas, nylon, or just "plain" leather for my bags.
  8. umm, i think the Pony first in black looks ok... but for everyday use etc... i dont think i would consider buying a python or a pony... i'd just rather still to 'normal' leather etc... :biggrin:
  9. It really really depends on the bag (some designs suit these materials, others just don't). Both materials would make the bag more difficult to care for, of course.
  10. I like both, but like python more. Pony hair just seems so fragile!
  11. Yes! I agree with Noriko.
  12. Dont care for the pony hair at all just looks like a big hairy bag...yulk! Python is okay as long as it is colored and does not look like a snakes skin! I'm terrified of snakes so i would never want to carry anything that looked like one, it realy isn't that durable either.
  13. I dont own a pony hair bag but I have pony hair shoes. I love them! They feel so nice.:amuse:
  14. Pony hair just freaks me out. And the python isn't so fab.. except in small amounts, or in paddington form !
  15. Something about both pony hair and python creep me out although I do have a couple pairs of python skin shoes.