Your thoughts on Python and Pony....

  1. With the variety of new bag materials on the market, I was wondering what your thoughts on python and pony hair bags were....

    I don't know, i think the python just scares me a bit, the pony hair, while it does look nice on some of the balenciagas (like the camel colored? first bags), I'm still not sure...
  2. I adore the way Python looks, thumbs down for me on the pony hair though, I just don't get it.
  3. Do they kill the ponies to get the pony hair? If so I have a problem with it.. I like ponies...

    I guess they would have to kill them, that's so sad :sad:
  4. i'm iffy on python - i prefer it in the more neutral colours like dark chocolate as opposed to the natural skin ( just a bit too "jungle-y" for me.) I just love pony though - particulalry in unusual colours.
  5. form what I understand pony isn't pony as in the horse - it's just a cowskin with the hair still on it.
  6. Swedie, you are so cute:lol: I don't think they have to kill the ponies to get their hair, probably a shave at most;)

    Anyone has the pics for pony hair bags? I personally have no problem with Python bags, except for their prices:sad:
  7. I think its the natural python which is wayyyy too much for this "anaconda" bag by Ferragamo. I don't prefer the upclose and personal encounter with either anaconda:P

  8. Same here..
    I saw them too at the SF gives me the weird feeling when I touch it so I would rather pick the JC "Ramona" plus something other bag if I have to choose between a snake skin bag and regular leather he he..:P .
  9. :lol: oh! Well then I'd say pony hair is a go!

    Here's a pic of black pony hair:
  10. I like python details, but a whole bag in python is a little much for me personally..

    And I don't have a problem with pythons :P
  11. I have a bonified phobia of snakes; so, I can't touch the skin - Period.

    Pony hair - I don' consider it a durable material for a handbag so I would not own one for that reason, I too thought it was cow hide. ?
  12. What is the pony hair from?????????I would not kill a pony for a bag, period! As for the python I think it's too scary for me.
  13. Pony hair is actually cowhide--the "furry" part of the cow. They just call it "pony hair" because it sounds better in terms of marketing... I guess it sounds more exotic or something.

    I'm not a big fan of snakes, so I don't like anything that even has snake print.... Python is actually illegal in CA, so I've never seen one....
  14. I don't get why calling something "pony" hair makes it more marketable than "calf" hair. I don't think most people are very keen on the idea of butchering horses for accessories in this country.

    That has always mystified me.
  15. That's what I was thinking! no pony's are going to die for my purse, call it calf please :P