Your thoughts on Cammie, Blake, Anouk?

  1. OK, so I've got my eye on the Blake because it's organized yet looks roomy enough for all the nonsense I carry around. Here's this pretty Cammie which looks authentic to me, but do Cammie lovers ever find it way small?

    eBay: MARC JACOBS CAMMIE LEATHER HANDBAG IN BLUE (item 190038692827 end time Oct-13-06 01:27:13 PDT)

    There's also this Anouk, but I'm wondering if that too will be too small as well.

    eBay: Authentic Marc Jacobs Anouk in Black (item 330034666343 end time Oct-07-06 07:27:27 PDT)

    Thoughts? Should I just wait for my perfect Blake (either in black or a vibrant color) to come along?

  2. I'm very petite (5 footer) and I find Cammie too small.
    Among the 3 choices, I personally like Blake the most, followed by Anouk. I have a Petal (pink) Anouk, I wear it with my girly outfits (dresses/skirts) which call for a cute sized purse.

    For authenticating questions, post the listings in Authenticate This MJ thread. =)
  3. If you want an everyday bag, I would go for the Blake because it's roomy and organized. I think the Cammie's are too small, only useful for an evening out. The Anouk is a nice sized small bag, good if you only carry a few items regularly.
  4. Hi.
    I have a black cammie and I love it and would get another one but it is very small. You cant fit much into it. I get about a wallet, cell phone and some other random small stuff. I use it on special occasions/ nite outtings but wouldnt use it on a regular basis. I would love a blake because its so cute and looks so roomy.