Your thoughts about winter colors...

  1. Hi everyone :nuts: . I just wanted to get some opinions on winter bbag colors. Do you think it's appropriate to carry pinks, seafoam, lilac, etc in the winter? Or, do you basically stick to neutrals and dark colors? Personally, I think a pastel or bright color bag looks so cool with dark winter clothes :yes: . The pastels especially seem "frosty" to me so I think it looks nice during winter but I don't want to look silly :s . Any opinions?
  2. I wear whatever bag I am feeling at the moment - I say do as you feel but I wouldn't wear a light one in slushy snow.
  3. I live near Chicago so I normally stick with dark colors in Winter, although I am pretty sure my Griege First will NOT be going into hibernation! :biggrin:
  4. I live in Southern California wear people wear what they want. I mean, why not wear white on Christmas day while your barbequing your dinner and your kids are in the pool? why not?.....I am a New Yorker born and raised, and while there is NO New Yorker left in me (not a NY fan of any kind), I dont wear white in winter. I will however wear pastels.
  5. I think b bags are season neutral. I live in the Northeast where it's winter from November thru March and I can't think of a single b bag color I wouldn't carry in the winter...I love how the bags add a pop of color to a dreary, cold winter :flowers: Especially when I'm dressed from head to toe in black...
  6. ^^ whoah, hey now girl, don't diss new yawkers (i'm one of 'em!!!) :P
  7. I don't really ever think about seasons, I just wear whatever I feel like most of the time. Like Donna, I live in Cali, so there's not too much seasonal dressing around here!
  8. ^ditto pippop. I don't follow season/color rules, and we have 4 seasons in Denver. I think a lilac bag would look lovely with a dark plum outfit even in the dead of winter. Pastels look great on any gorgeous sunny day, even if it's bitter cold and sunny. Carry what makes you happy!
  9. Same here, I wear WHATEVER colors I want to whether they match anything or not and I would wear any bbag colors I like no matter what season it is. :smile:
  10. You won't look silly, I love your idea and I sometimes do it too:yes: .
  11. I wear all my bags through all year but I choose them depending on the weather. When it's snowing I won't take a sensitive light colour out and go more with the dark insensitive colours.
  12. I do go with the weather as well. But I think you should wear what you want.
  13. Actually, that's what I love about my apple green city - I can wear it in the dead of winter (and I'm in the UK, so its pretty awful), and smile everytime I look at it cos its so bright and cheerful.
  14. I live in NYC and my light colored bags (pale rose and white) are sleeping for the winter. I prefer to use my darker colors in the winter months. I have taken out my rouge Twiggy and my black & white striped Day. My cornflower City, however, is a color for all seasons.:love:
  15. Another new Yorker weighing in--I do also feel that the light colors don't look right here in the winter. Maybe in the South...