Your Taste - Scarf on birkin

  1. Hi

    I need your help ... which scarf will look nice on a 35cm black\sliver hardware birkin ?
  2. Champs de Courses in black/silver-grey would look stunning.
  3. On it? As in tied to it, or just with the outfit where you are carrying your Birkin? If tied, it should be a smaller scarf; pochette or a twilly, any colour would do.
  4. I agree with Nola; also think that with black, a pop of colour (fuchsia, red, purple, green) is really nice.
  5. I use my black/white 70x70 omnibus on my black kelly, the effect is quite good.

  6. Tied to it ...

  7. mmm I think I'll prefer a color that goes with everything
  8. Please do post pics ....
  9. For a black birk I too would be tempted to go for a simple black scarf - so Champs de Courses, Passage a Tokyo or Fabourg By Night all in black/silver colourway. I think Rose has all three :upsidedown:
  10. what loony said, or maybe vif argent?
  11. Here you go......

    All are of Black Box bags and although the first three have Gold hardware, you can still get the idea of the look of a few different scarves on black.......

    First two are pochettes, second two are full size carre's and the last is a 70cm.

    _MG_3123V2.jpg _MG_3691PlumeE1.jpg _MG_3805BBPaperoles.jpg Ruthie5.jpg Ruthie6.jpg
  12. Mira, perhaps you should chose a scarf that suits your FACE! With a black bag, pretty much everything will look great so your face should be your priority.
    There is such a thing as trying too hard....
  13. My first instinct would have been COLOUR. But S'Mom, seeing your beautiful Kelly with the black/white/GOLD - I am speechless! So beautiful - it really brings out the formal aspects of Kelly's personality!

    Really lovely.
  14. This to me is "Hermes as art"!!