Your suggestions please for a white H bag

  1. I am looking for a white bag for Spring/Summer. I have discussed this with my SA, but we haven't come up with anything that inspires me.
    Since this "Southern Gal" does not have a white bag phobia, I would love to have one.
    Please post your suggestions, pics, comments, etc.
  2. I love the look of a white bag for summer - but am too chicken...

    Do you have any criteria? Looking at your collection, you seem to have a lot of Birkins. Maybe something different?

    White picotin MM with vert anis under the handles (I just saw this combination on an eBay resale and thought it would be wonderful for summer)?

    White mou bolide 31?
  3. ^^^^ Yes, something different, I am not looking for a Birkin in white.
    The Bolide is a thought. I have not thought about a mou.....
    what leather???
  4. I love the white kelly. VBeckam carries one -- it's beautiful.
  5. I vote for white Kelly, or maybe white leather/toile combo.
  6. White epsom kelly or HAC. Picotin would be nice too.
  7. I am not really a Kelly girl. I have the one in black/box because as an H lover I just had to have that one in my collection.
    The white/toile combo sounds pretty - what other bag besides the Kelly?
  8. Not as expensive as the HAC. You girls keep mentioning the Picotin.....
    Tell me what you like about it, I haven't really focused on that bag before.
  9. how about a white epsom paris bombay -- :heart::heart:
  10. I am personally "afraid" of white leather too but have finally succumbed. For me, I may or may not get a white birkin or kelly in the future but I have seen how they "age" and it's just not to my liking.

    I bought an evelyne pm2 in clemence instead to satisfy my "craving" for a white H bag. It is relatively inexpensive compared to a kelly or a birkin and am willing to "risk" it getting dirty.

    I have considered a picotin too but my concern is that the bag is "wide open" and I am often on foot and would hate to see my kelly wallet or bearn get "lifted"...

    I have also considered bolides, but am concerned with handles getting dirty. I could put twillys on the handles but I figure that with an evelyne, I don't have to do that. What I do is I use different colored twillys to match my outfit when I use my evelyne to carry it shoulder-bag vs. messenger style.

    I will post a photo to illustrate.

    Good luck with your decision...
  11. I see a white Picotin. It goes great with the sundresses I love to wear during the summer. It's a casual look, and as a SA once told me "very Martha's Vineyard". I tend to carry my bags on the crook of my elbow so pickpocketing is less of an issue, nevertheless, I kept the opening covered with a scarf as well. Why tempt fate? If you wear jeans, keep in mind the color transfer a shoulder worn bag would develop as it rubs against your leg.
  12. Will take a look at the pics of the bombay--

    Yes, please post a pic - that would be great.
    I don't have to worry about the open top on the Picotin.
  13. White on white toile bolide 31cm. My DH (not into the brand in the least!) saw one and grabbed me, took me out of the store, pointed back into the window, and proclaimed that 'it' was the most beautiful bag ever made. Very subtle very soft looking because it's roundish. Of course, white toile is not for the faint of heart, but Penny, if anyone can do it, I think you can!!!!!
  14. Here are a couple of photos of white picotins I found.

    One from AuthenticLux, one from EMNH (and mine, because I love it and can't resist the opportunity to show it off!). The picotin has many loyal fans - it's a very different look from the Birkin or the Lindy, so it would bring a completely different vibe to your wardrobe (which may or may not appeal to you!). A more casual look, but its simplicity makes it quite chic.

    picotinwhite.jpg picotinwhite2.jpg potiron.jpg