Your stylist...Male or Female?

  1. Just moved to another state & with all that goes with it, I'm probably the most nervous about finding a new salon & stylist.

    I just made an appt. with an Aveda salon here in town (at the recommendation of a friend..) Now, I'm being highlighted by one stylist & getting a cut by another, new to me also. For the first time in my life, I'm having a male stylist cut my hair. Which brought me to wonder~ who do you all have?!
  2. Female...
  3. I have a female stylist and colorist (two different women). But a few years ago I had a male stylist who I absolutely adored.
  4. female
  5. Female...she is such a doll! I love going to her.
  6. I have a female stylist, but I'd much rather have a male.
  7. female.
  8. I dont have one :crybaby: lol
    BUTttTTT....As I search for a new one, I am kind of looking for a male.
    The last one was Female though.
  9. Mine is a Japanese man... and he's THE best. I have never ever had anyone cut my hair like he does.
  10. I've always had a female cut my hair, with the exemption of one time, when I got a male.
  11. Male stylist, my colorist is female though.
  12. Oh my hair person is a whacky woman! She's in her 50's and probably on every prescription med there is - prozac, xantax, adavan, you name it. That woman is so good at what she does, she's never given me a bad haircut in the 5 years I've gone to her. She has more knowledge of cuts, what she needs to do and better ways to do it than any of the other hundreds of people I've been to. She's the bomb and I'll follow her to the ends of the earth - no matter what salon....
  13. Male. I've never found anyone in this area better. I can go in with some vague generalizations about what I want and he just makes it perfect!
  14. In the last 15 years, I've had two male stylists. From observation around the salon, I find the men less chatty (I hate small talk). I switched to my new guy this year because I wanted someone who was more up on the trends, but both have been very skilled and obsessively attentive to detail.
  15. I have a female, but some of the best stylists I've had have been men! Right now though I'm praying that my stylist doesn't go anywhere, I don't trust anybody else with my hair but her.