Your signature piece of jewelry

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  1. e-ring, david yurman necklace with single pearl center.
  2. I literally never take them off. I think they were discontinued not long after I got them. Good thing is I've only ever seen 1 other person wearing the bangle :smile:
  3. Thank you, darling PurpleLo...I'm older then most of the gals on tPF and have had years of collecting. Take your time and buy what you LOVE!
    BTW...I've made plenty of mistakes, some very costly.
  4. Love it!
  5. Awww thanks my love!
  6. Diamond studs, wedding set and a large gold St Christopher medallion with the Italian horn on a delicate gold chain...

    Sometimes I swap out the studs for my diamond/ sapphire earrings.
  7. YG Love bracelet and Cartier Panthere ring
  8. I think my 2 signature pieces would be my James Avery charm bracelet. And my tri-gold puzzle ring. Those always get comments and people seem to remember them.
  9. Love all of your BLING!!
  10. My lear solitaire ering and david yurman jewelry
  11. i aspire for your jewelry collection!
  12. My wedding set and Amazonite studs
  13. :hugs:
  14. Diamond studs and my David Yurman diamond crossover ring