Your signature piece of jewelry

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  1. Do u have a signature piece u wear every day?
  2. A tennis bracelet and stud earrings.
  3. I have a few. The top of the list is a pearl station necklace with a lovers cameo pendant. I often wear my favorite pearl dangles, always wear my agate thumb ring, and I'm about to add a very special Lady Hamilton watch when I pick it up from repair today. :yahoo: Should we be buffing this thread up with pictures?
  4. I wear my diamond studs, dbty necklace, a tt midsize rolex and love bangle as my everyday pieces.
  5. diamond earrings -antique old mine cuts
  6. Nope, I love jewelry to much to play favorites!

    I do wear my Cartier trinity on my forefinger and my ruby on my pinky everyday, but that's just because those are the only rings that fit on those fingers. LOL....
  7. E-ring, eternity band, and diamond bezel studs.
  8. Tennis bracelet, platinum hoops, cross necklace
  9. Cartier YG Love bracelet and usually my Tiffany Victoria pendant
  10. Diamond stud earrings and Tiffany "i love you" ring given to me from momma;)
  11. Eng ring, wedding ring, diamond circle tiffany pendant and diamond studs
  12. my Tiffany Bead earrings
  13. I wear the same diamond studs every day. I can't wear any other jewellery at work but on my days off and in the evenings I wear a MK RG watch, an art deco pink morganite ring and a couple of other pieces which I swap around.

    Agree with the photographs comment!!
  14. J12 33mm, tennis bracelet, saphire/diamond tennis bracelet, 4 diamond eternity bangles.
    The ears and the neck are up for grabs!
  15. philip stein watch, mikimoto studs, elsa peretti alphabet necklace