your rec for best summer bag? TIA all around!

  1. :yes:
  2. I really like the LV Azur Speedy! It really goes with everything (well, I wear jeans a lot :p)!
  3. White Balenciaga City!
  4. The new Miu Miu candy pastel hobos are TDF.
  5. TANO has some great ones coming out soon. is the site to check out. Lovely spring/summer colors!!
  6. Yeah when I think of summer bags they should be in nice bright colors.
  7. Hot colors for the spring and summer are bright oranges, yellows, greens, and fuschia. Marc by Marc Jacobs has tons of styles in both orange and yellow, they're light weight with at least an 8'' shoulder strap drop. Great summer bag! Also Andrew Marc has a beautiful hobo, excellent quality leather, in a rich sunny yellow, and lush fuschia as well. This coming spring and summer is all about the bright, fun colors.
  8. I love hot colours for spring and summer. I wear jeans a lot. But what colour shoes would you wear with a bright bag (if it's not warm enough for flip flops or strappy sandals). Silly question maybe, but... any thoughts? I live in black heels or funky trainers (with jeans)...