Your PS in action

  1. ^ ^ ^ So comfortable and easy to wear! It looks perfect for fall.
  2. oops -- two more from Monday!!
    !cid_996.jpg !cid_117.jpg
  3. iluvmybags: Is your PS1 Moss or Military? It's such a nice earthy color.
  4. Gorgeous iluvmybags!!!
  5. Gorgeous!!!
  6. thank you!!:flowers:
  7. OMG, iluvmybags, your PS1 is gorgeous! I wish I'd been on to PS bags early enough to snag this color! It looks beautiful on you!
  8. All gorgeous!! :biggrin:
  9. thank you so much!!:flowers:
    here's one more from last night
  10. :bump: :useless: ;)
  11. When I acquired my Burgundy XL PS1 to use as a work bag, I thought that I would rotate between the PS1 and my Black LKA. But I've used the PS1 every day this week and I don't want to give it a rest yet. The color is so striking, it's perfect for fall. I can't wait to see how this one ages...

    (Sorry for the low lighting conditions - it looks much nicer in person, I swear):


  12. ^Gorgeous!
  13. Absolutely love the whole outfit. :smile:

  14. Thank you! The XL PS1 is so easy to wear; I waffled on this size for quite a while because I knew it wouldn't work for me as a regular handbag (looks too much like a briefcase; unlike the LKA which is pretty much the same size but somehow works for me as a handbag), and I thought that the cost was just too much for a work or travel bag. Typically, I don't go to an office more often than once per month, so I wouldn't get a lot of use from the XL PS1. But... I have a temporary assignment that has me checking in at the office nearly every day through Christmas, so it finally made sense for me to try the XL PS1.

    I love this size and I can't believe I waited so long to try it. Even if I won't use it as often as a regular handbag, the style is timeless and I know that I will use it for years to come.