Your PS in action

  1. Great pics Riry! I hope I get to see maize IRL some day it looks so beautiful and incredibly rich yellow.
  2. I thought it was Feldspar! I have this same colour but XL and was wondering how it ages... haven't used mine yet so would appreciate your feedback on that one. What can you tell me about yours? Please, spare me no details, I cannot contain my curiosity!!!
  3. technically, I'm not the first owner of this bag so not quite sure how old it is. I do know that when I received it, it was in like new condition and had been well taken care of. I've used it for a week straight and its doing great. Rain is not an issue, and I think the color is well protected bc it has a good gloss on it. I have already noticed the leather softening and I think it will continue to soften with use. Hope that helps!!
  4. Okay this isn't a action shot but at dinner I noticed how much the bright green wallet stands out against my dark purple bag. :heart:
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  5. Gorgeous! Is that a Violet Bal? Or a newer purple.
    I have that wallet and I love it sooo much, it reminds me of flavor Jolly Rancher!
  6. Love the colors! Gorgeous!!!
  7. Its actually raisin I think the flash makes it look lighter also its a cell phone pic so it's not that great of a pic lol.

    I just had to add I'm normally not a big green fan I like dark earthy olive greens but this kelly green is a fabulous pop of color its hard to resist!
  8. Oh the Raisin is so pretty! I know what you mean about the greens. Usually, I only like sage types of greens. I bought the green PS wallet a while ago on a whim and fell in love completely. It seems like it would be similar to the Bal green from years ago that they don't do anymore.
  9. Courtney, thanks for the info :smile: Do you think the leather will darken? Also, have you protected it with a spray?

    I actually hope mine will darken with time, a bit like what seems to happen to the smoke... the light variation on mine at the mo seems to bring it from a pastel green to a almost teal-like hue, but I've seen pics of others in the sun that make it look very bright green with yellow undertones... it's like a few bags in one :smile:
  10. PS x 2

    I had to go in to the office this week. Today I used my Black LKA as a computer tote, and carried my Large Moss PS1 for personal items.



  11. My Medium Midnight PS1
    This pic looks like the camera grew out of my forehead :p

  12. My White PS1 Large when new..
    I must say its very practical and LOVE it!
  13. Looks great monster, how is the white holding up?
  14. Thank you debi.n, its holding good~
    I did find a couple black marks at the bottom, but LMB's botonical cleanser did the job. Its like nothing ever happened! :biggrin:
  15. [​IMG]