your pin up?

  1. As everyone knows, Katie Holmes used to have posters of Tom Cruise up as a kid and now she is married to him...........who was your pin up?
  2. Mine was John Taylor from Duran Duran. One wall of my bedroom was plastered in posters and magazine pictures of him, from floor to joke. I also loved Rick Springfield. :p
  3. I used to have NSYNC posters STAPLED to my wall. I had over 300 Justin T posters added to that. It was crazy...I look back on it and I cannot believe I "loved" them that much!!!
  4. I was in love with ICEMAN- val kilmer top gun I had a few pics and of course I had to be different, I loved jon knight from NKOTB my dad was kinda strict (middle eastern)so these were hidden on the back of my door. my friends were in love with joey mac and jordan knight but there was something so beautiful about jon knight to me yuck!! what was I thinking!!

  5. OMG!!! Mine too!:shame::lol: John AND Simon! HOT HOT HOT!:heart:

    Also George Michael (during WHAM times! Esp. Last Christmas video!!!).
  6. On my wall, I had Corey Hart, Ralph Macchio, and Corey Haim. Oh, how my tastes have changed!

    ETA: I also had the cover from a Rick Springfield concert program taped up to my wall. It was my very first rock concert!
  7. NSYNC was all over my wall too, especially Justin. I was definatly crazy about him when I was younger.
  8. ahhh ralph Macchio loved him- wax on baby!!!
  9. oooh the Sax player from Spandau Ballet, (Steve Norman), and the lead singer Tony Hadley

    I swooned over them so badly.

    and ditto on the George Michael, in his huge, tonged, girls hair phase (well it was the 80s lol ) :biggrin:
  10. I loved Hanson but my favorite was Taylor Hanson. I used to have a Taylor poster from Tiger Beat that I kissed every night before bed. :shame: My bedroom was literally wallpapered with Hanson photos. I finally got to see them two weeks ago and it was so amazing. I felt so giddy.
  11. I was a FREAK for George Michael! He was the epitome of sexy! Little did we girls know.....
  12. :yucky::shame:patrick swayze... cringe!!!!!!!!!
  13. I had Trent Reznor from NIN all over the place in my room.. ooh I loved him. I guess he is not "hot" but I still like him, and I still love NIN:p
  14. hmmmm jonathan taylor thomas(i loved jtt-randy on home improvement), ethan embry, brad pitt, and leonardo dicaprio. haha in my middle school yearbooks people signed i hope you get to meet or marry jtt haha :p
  15. he was hot in dirty dancing though....

    axl rose and prince were hot too...(i could watch axl sway and prince dance any day)