Your opinion as an EBay buyer, please...

  1. Ladies and gents, I'd like your opinion as an eBay buyer, please... I'm considering posting a "family" picture of all of my bags to further prove my
    bag obsession and the authenticity of what I'm selling. Do you
    think it would be a benefit :confused1:
  2. I'm not sure. I don't buy too many bags on eBay, but when I do, I tend to look at only the info on that particular bag--to me, the other stuff is a distraction. Plus, I wonder if someone looking at the collection in its entirety might wonder why you were letting go of the specific bag in the listing, i.e., what was "wrong" with it, compared to the ones you were keeping. Still, it does humanize you more--one of the problems with eBay is that it's so anonymous. But, I think it's more important to have a lot of really detailed photos of what you're selling. In my experience, a lot of sellers don't post nearly enough photos and when that happens, I just skip by--I usually don't even bother to ask for more. I'd be curious too, though, what most buyers think. I tend to sell bags on ebay more than I buy them there.
  3. I sold my old Cartier watch on Ebay because my DH bought me a new one. I stated that it was the reason for the sale, and of course I had all the paperwork, receipts, and everything but I also posted a picture of the new watch as well.

    It worked well for me as the watch had many interested parties, and it sold very quickly at a very good price.

    Just my two cents...:yes:

  4. I have receipts for some of the stuff I'm thinking of selling but the older piece although in excellent condition, I do not have receipts for. I've gotten really burned on a couple of LV bags I've sold for far below my bottom price and do not want history to repeat itself :crybaby: It's so sad that some designer do not hold it's value :crybaby:

    Another reason for posting "family" photos is that I do not want EBay to pull my listings, I've heard too my horror stories about listing getting pulled :yucky:

    Gosh, what to do :crybaby:
  5. Well, who knows..the family photos might be assumed to be a 'family of fakes' by ebay!
  6. it worked for me before (as a seller) posted pics. of my closet showing all my Chanel and LV -IN BOXES- (didn't show the actual bags, just the boxes all stocked on the shelves.
  7. no, it wouldn't help my decision to bid or not and it could confuse some people.
  8. No, I agree with Ms. Swanky-plus, sometimes there are enough questions about the bag you have spent an hour describing-if people see a slew of bags, they are going to ask questions (either to you or to themselves) about more than one of them, IMO. Everyone needs to maintain focus!
  9. I agree with Ms Swanky, too. There are so many people on eBay now, of all levels of sophistication, and somebody might think they were buying all the bags!

    If you want to put extra resources into the listing, I would use those to put an additional pic or two of the bag that you are selling!
  10. It's not a horrible idea, but as a seller/buyer I would be very specific that you are not selling the lot in the auction. I only did it once to show I collect white Murakami Vuitton items. It actually got me more questions on the 'other' items rather than what I was selling. Just be prepared for a TON of questions.
  11. I don't think it makes a difference. It will probably end up having buyers ask about the other bags in the picture.
  12. My best guess is that it doesn't make a difference. I'm basing that on the fact that while it's fun to look at other bags, it's really the bag being sold that I pay attention to. On the other hand, if I were looking at an auction where the seller did not have much feedback for selling authentic bags, it might help a little. I also sometimes find it helpful if the comparison is with a similar color (e.g., similar shades of blue or brown) which help me differentiate the colors.
  13. I've seen this done before, and whilst i was drooling over the pic of the 30 or so bags the seller had on her auction page, i wasn't paying attention to the bag in question. The one that was actually for sale! lol:nuts:

    But it certainly got my attention!! I kept going back to take another look... :yes:

    I think it's entirely up to you, if you wish to display your bags on the listing, then do so....make sure you watermark your pics (of course) and maybe keep it to the bottom of the listing, rather than splashing it across the top/front, to keep the buyer 'focused'

    Either way, the best way to make a good sale is to take loads and loads of detailed pictures of the item that's up for auction.:yes: ;)
  14. you know, you could always make an "about me" page and post the pic there.
  15. spendingmore, I was just going to suggest the same thing! That is a great place to put this sort of additional info. You can even reference the "about me" page in your listing for more info.