Your New Gucci: A Collective Mini Reveal Thread!

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  1. So pretty, and welcome to the Gucci side, I'm sure it won't be your last
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  2. :ghi5: Well done for advanced bargain shopping

    Congrats on the sunglasses too, can't wait to see them on you
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  3. Thank you Sunnie Sister! :smile::heart:
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  4. Love it! It looks great on you! Definitely a classic!
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  5. Added a belt to my marmont family :heart:

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  6. We are huge NY Yankee fans in my house. So I couldn’t resist these when I saw them at Bloomingdale’s. 33E7CA58-A60A-4EA2-9484-25039C4CD6AD.jpeg

    The box was really cool and the pouch even cooler. I plan on using the pouch for toiletries when I travel. It’s too nice to use just for shoes. Bonus is that it goes very well with my Diorama. CF97E3A7-6D4B-40E2-85BF-F5D9F99A7CC1.jpeg
  7. F08B81EB-1B07-4507-B08A-8A727C7896D0.jpeg I have wanted this bag in this color since it came out. Although I thought I wanted mini size, I ended up with small size as it’s more practical and fits more. Dionysus line is so stunning.
  8. Gorgeous!!
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  9. My beautiful initial tote from the DIY range!

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  10. I finally succumbed to a belt bag :P

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  11. I love your marmont family. :heart:
  12. As crazy as those see through bags are. I just had to get this one. :biggrin:


    I even bought a Stella Mccartney clear tote. :biggrin:
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  13. Wanted this bag for a while now but was afraid of the quality. However, I decided to take a step of faith

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  14. Congrats on your new bag! It will be more durable than you expect.
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  15. That’s comforting!!! Thank you. It makes me happy
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