Your new Coach: a mini-reveal thread!

  1. Beautiful haul! I noticed the scarf is diamond shaped too. I wonder if you just roll it into one long strip and then wrap around the handles.
  2. I have it wrapped onto my black pebbled Borough! It's not perfect but still manages to look cute. Hopefully I'll get better with practice.
  3. It's 4am where I'm at and I can't even sleep because I've been thinking about this beauty. I've really, really, really been wanting the pink/black tea rose Rogue since I first saw it revealed here, but couldn't justify the splurge in my own mind. I decided then that I'd get the 1941 red 25 since I liked that one a lot, too. Of course now that I want it, after it's been for sale on the site for ages, it's out of stock and backordered until April. Little did I know, my husband would stop by our boutique on his way home last night in the hopes of finding a red one and ended up bringing this pretty home instead! He had no idea how bad I even wanted it and *gasp* wasn't even sure I'd like it! Crazy talk!

    20170214_202009 (1).jpg 20170214_202022 (1).jpg
    The details on this bag are amazing. My favorite little surprise was the sparkly copper colored rivets. Oh, and that pink suede. Yum!
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  4. Congrats on your beautiful gift! And your husband is a real keeper!!

    (My hubby is a keeper too, but he works better with gift certs).

    PS -- it's only 2am here, but I couldn't go to sleep without sharing about my dissapointment with my new Rexy charm (in the Dino thread.)
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  5. Gorgeous! How fun to get a surprise bag you've really wanted. Enjoy!
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  6. What a beautiful bag and story! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your bag!
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  7. Congratulations MDT!!! This bag is a true work of art!!
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  8. My husband usually does pretty well with bags! Normally I give him hints, but this one he thought of all by himself so it makes it that much more special. I just found it hilarious he thought I wouldn't like it when it was THE bag I really wanted! I still don't think he believes me!

    Thank you all. A work of art it sure is!
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  9. Congrats on this gorgeous bag (I said this before, all these tea rose pictures here are driving me insane :smile:). You are so lucky that your DH would go to a store and pick out a purse for you -- that is just so special/romantic (major envy here). Enjoy this beauty!
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  10. Thank you for your kind words. He sure is a special guy!
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  11. What a guy he is a hero -hope you gave him extra hugs your bag is sooooo pretty
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  12. Just stunning..... :love:
  13. Another one of my can't-wait-until-I-get-home-so-I-post-a-bad-in-car-pic occasions...

    Outlet purchases this time! Fog Nomad and the devil face emoji charm (not for use together). Prices were insanely good!! $222.75 CAD for the Nomad, and $14.99 CAD for the charm after 40% off and the tiered coupon.

    Can I take that charm to get monogrammed at the boutique even though I bought it at the outlet?

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  14. Beautiful purchases! I think it is worth a try. I doubt they will look up your purchase before monogramming. I have had something monogrammed without them looking up the purchase. Plus the charm is a full price delete.
  15. Introducing my new neon pink Dinkier. Absolutely loving the color and interior.
    FullSizeRender(7).jpg FullSizeRender(8).jpg
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