Your new Coach: a mini-reveal thread!

  1. I know, she's a major enabler! it's just so much nicer to see pictures people post here because they're almost always better than the ones Coach posts. It's gorgeous, I love the gray, very classy and classic bag that will never look outdated. Yayyy! But shame on that Teagaggle.
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  2. Thx for reminding me that this bag will NEVER look outdated! It's understated simplicity WILL keep it a classic, you're right!

    But yeah, that Teagaggle is a dangerous individual!! I may have to block her -- this is all her fault! How can she sleep at night?
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  3. I think it's the sparser nature of the floral print inside that I prefer over the others, too. Gorgeous!
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  4. Really, it's not her fault. Coach is the enabler.

    If Coach would just get rid of these 1941s, we could all go back in time to when life was the "old days" when we could just pick out a canvas bag with some configuration of overlapping Cs for a couple hundred bucks and call it a day.
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  5. Lol! Very true! I'm just picking on Teagaggle because she has a beautiful bag collection!
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  6. Hmm...I see your point. So Teagaggle herself is a victim (as we all are)! That evil, evil Coach! :mad:

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  7. I guess I'm a lot older than you. For me the old days is when I would go to a Coach store once a year and buy an all leather bag for just over $100. I don't think outlets existed back then. It never occurred to me to wait for things to go on sale.
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  8. That's because they never did..(go on sale).
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  9. LOL...sorry for the late ears were ringing last night & now I know why ;)
    I blame Coach, in particular the 1941 collection. I'd write more but I'm at work & supposed to be paying attn...
    I'm on the fence about the I said, note a tote girl but I'm trying...
    As for the scarf, it doesn't appear its online yet. Its a bandana $195, stlye 59186. Also comes in red/black which I may get for my red Rogue. The one young SA there had a Rogue 25 with both handles covered with colorful scarves...wasadorable! I'm so stealing this look!
    Sorry for enabling...we've all been there! I love TPF but it is dangerous!
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  10. Thanks for the item number! I'll be hunting for the red/black scarf when I hit the store today! I have a ton of black bags and that will make for a perfect accent. Also, if I am to purchase that black Link version of the tote later on... *shifty eyes*
  11. Red red reveal! I got the compact wallet, red/black bandana scarf (it's a diamond shape!), and they gifted me this heart coin purse!

    Apologies for the crappy in car photo, but I was excited and couldn't wait for a nice staged at home shot. Haha...

  12. Oh wow all so cute! What a nice little heart gift too.
  13. Beautiful items -- I especially love that heart coin purse. I am very drawn to little heart shaped objects :smile:.
  14. Any scarf-tying tips?? :biggrin:
  15. Oh, great! You got the bandana! I wish I could say yes. I untied mine from the handle so I could remove the tags & can't get it on all nice & tight. I get frustrated by things like this & so I tossed it across the room (as violently as one could a small silk scarf ;) ).
    That said, I found this video on you tube that shows exactly how the SA at my store did it. I think it works best with a square scarf but clearly it can be done with this one.

    Let me know how you make out.
    I'm on the fence about the tote. I fear its not structured enough for me. I'm such a Rogue girl...still pondering.
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